Lucky Seven

Are you ready for another installment of Lucky Seven?

This week, it’s 7 Tips to Live Longer! 😀


1. Love in Your Life
Whether it’s family, friends, your partner, or your pets – make sure that you have a generous dose of love in your world! It’s one of the best “vitamins” you can take!

2. Exercise
It doesn’t have to be a rigorous regimen at the gym. Studies continue to suggest that walking is the ideal exercise.

3. Laugh!
It turns out that the old saying – “Laughter is the best medicine.” – has some real truth behind it! Laughing decreases stress so it boosts your immune system! In addition, cardiologists have discovered that laughter actually improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help prevent heart attacks.

4. Flex Your Mental Muscles
A brain not challenged is a brain that can become stagnant. As we age, it’s important to keep ourselves engaged in new interests, hobbies, and games. Not only will life be more interesting if you avoid the “same old, same old” – but you’ll be stimulating your brain to grow and stay healthy throughout your life.

5. Never Diet; Eat Properly.
Starving yourself, yo-yo dieting, and eating without proper attention to good nutrition are all unhealthy ways to lose weight. They put undue stress on your body and wreak havoc with your metabolism. Aristotle’s belief – “everything in moderation” is the perfect mantra for maintaining a balanced diet!

6. Regular Check-Ups
Life can get hectic, but make sure that a visit to the doctor is a top priority in your schedule. What could be more important than YOU?

7. Start Now!
It’s never too late to begin healthy habits that will make your life longer and happier! 😀



Lucky Seven — 5 Comments

  1. Morning Sweetie!

    I like all seven tips, and I practice them all … except for the occasional diet or pig out … but I try to be good most of the time, except don’t ask me about Valentine’s day…I still had a stomach ache yesterday! hee hee!

    xoxo Paulette ;D

  2. OMG health advice!! You KNOW I need it! You KNOW I can’t follow it. Well not all of it anyway. Lets see….

    Plenty of Love in my life. My dogs great me at the door every night, and Terry kisses me hello and goodbye.

    Excercise…get plenty of that feeding the birds and squirrels.

    LAUGH!! Do you know the shipper guy where I work, or what!

    Flexing Mental Muscles…I think that may just be the only muscles I HAVE! There you go, got me laughing ~lol~

    Never Diet…I start a new one every day!

    Regular Check Ups…I am ALWAYS checkin up on those boys to see what they are getting into…I’m really regular about that!

    Start Now! See, I started a looooonnnnggg time ago.

    Have a great day Crissie…When did YOU start ~lol~~

    xx, Carol

  3. Why did the word happier somehow read as stripper as I scrolled down? I was thinking… what kind of lucky is she getting at? Yeesh!

    I went to see my doctor last week and he told me that walking an hour a day isn’t enough exercise… what? Ridiculous. Sometimes I have to wonder what fairy world people live in where everyone has 48 hour days so they have plenty of time to cook, clean, do family things, help with homework, shop, and exercise 7 hours!

  4. There is a group here that does laughter yoga on Sundays. Its free for everyone and I feel wonderful afterwords. It is one of the best stress reducers I know.
    I love the tips and I have been trying to exercise more and eat right too.

  5. I have heard of the laughter yoga that Kelly Ann mentioned, I would love to try it but I have not found a class in my area. Sounds like fun!
    I do try to do yoga or pilates several times a week and I feel so much better after I go. I think it is very important that you do something each week for YOU and only you. I think that a lot of people (especially women) try to care for everyone & everything and forget to care for themselves. I think it is ok to be selfish every now and then!

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