Opinions Wanted

It’s Friday, which often means Friday Favorites here on the blog. “Usually” I post things that are my favorites.

But today, the topic is your favorite things.

In September, I’ll be going back to writing all new posts. My goal is to have the blog be as interesting as possible for you, and so I think it’s a good idea for me to get your feedback now and then.

In light of that, would you mind offering your opinion by answering any or all of the following questions? Thank you so much!


1. I especially like it when Crystal writes about ______. (You can list more than one thing here.)

2. Posts about _____ are not as interesting to me.

3. Please consider adding posts about ________. I’m really interested in that.

4. A blog should be humorous, sometimes. True or False

5. If I have commented on a post, I usually come back to see if there’s been a reply to my comment. True or False

6. Now and then, I enjoy posts with recipes. True or False

7. I would consider emailing Crystal a photo of my pet, or a favorite “toy”, or favorite meal I prepared, or a project I’m working on, to share with the whole group. True or False


Everyone is getting an “A” on this test! 😉 There are no wrong answers here.

Happy weekend, Kids!! I’ll be in the middle of preparations for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary party, which is coming up very soon.

See ya Monday!

Smiles and hugs,