Be It Ever So Humble

suitcaseAlthough it’s been a while since Sir Beads and I have been on a trip (darn it!), both of our daughters are traveling for work this month, and that has me thinking about the little things we often miss when we’re away from home.

I came up with enough examples for an installment of Lucky Seven, so here goes! 😀


7 Things I Miss When I Travel Away From Home

1. Water
Water is different everywhere and even if yours at home isn’t perfect – it’s what you are used to! I’ve discovered that when we travel, the water can taste a little odd or leave our hair or skin feeling different after a shower.

2. The Bathroom/Vanity set-up
Most ladies over 40 (ahem!) need a mirror that they can get close to and with good lighting. In hotels, these conditions are hit or miss. Sometimes, acrobatics are required to put on mascara while holding a little purse mirror and leaning towards the sunlight shining through the open drapery of a motel window.

3. A Comfortable Chair
Many accommodations supply only the most utilitarian type of chairs or, in a small room, none at all. If you’d like to read your tour book in the evening, it’s easy to get a crick in your neck as you try to cozy-up to the bed’s headboard!

4. A Cup of Tea
I think I miss this the most. It’s practically impossible to get HOT water in your teacup, away from home. Believe me! I have tried and tried. I love tea when I wake up in the morning but I become a coffee drinker on the road – just to have something hot in my cup.

5. Snack Availability
This one is from Sir Beads! Of course, you can pack snacks or, if you’re feeling rich as Midas, raid the mini bar – but nothing compares to the variety of favorites in your home cupboard or fridge!

6. My Closet
Packing light is preferable while traveling but living out of a suitcase can get old pretty fast. The choices are few and I sometimes find myself wishing I brought just one more pair of shoes or a warmer sweater when the weather unexpectedly turns stormy or cooler.

7. Towels
When traveling, towels are another “hit or miss” proposition. They might be fluffy and luxurious at some places . . . but, just as often, they can seem rough and scratchy! Makes me miss my old, but cuddly, towels at home!


ruby slippers2Lest you think I’m just a crabby old traveler – allow me to assure you I really enjoy the fun and adventure of trying new things and visiting new places!

That being said, though, I always LOVE to get back to my own routine and the comforts of home.

I guess I’m like Dorothy in that regard….

As she said: “There’s no place like home.”



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