Thinking outside the (jewelry) box

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but we “bead-lovers” know that you don’t need a king’s ransom to have a collection of breath-taking treasures!!! Whether we favor glittering crystals, lampwork glass, semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, vintage lucite, Czech glass, or tiny seed beads – we usually use our bead stash to create fabulous jewelry . . .

But, besides filling that jewelry box, how about using your collection to add an artful touch to your home or wardrobe!?! Doing so will add a whole new perspective to your design process and, more importantly, will give you lots more opportunities to enjoy your beads on a daily basis.

So many of the beads we collect are truly miniature works of art! The vintage beads of yesteryear were made with painstaking processes that required great skill. They’re precious little pieces of a bygone era that we cherish now – not only for their beauty, but also for their history and the fact that many of them will never be produced again.

Today, lampworkers and polymer clay artisans are the new generation of bead artists. Their talent is utterly amazing and has evolved in such a short span of time that we can only imagine the heights to which they’ll soar in the future.

Incorporating the artistry of beads into our everyday surroundings is a recipe for a smile. There are so many wonderful ways to use and enjoy them!

To name just a few . . .

~ Embellishments for handbags
~ Fringe for shawls & scarves
~ Appliques for clothing
~ Sun catchers
~ Elegant napkin rings
~ Christmas Ornaments
~ Zipper pulls for clothing or purses
~ Bling for your cell phone
~ Beaded bookmarks
~ Eyeglass chains

For a very simple yet beautiful way to think outside the (jewelry) box, why not gather a selection of your favorite beads in a pretty crystal dish. Be sure to display the arrangement in a prominent spot in your home or office. It will make a great conversation piece, but more than that, it will brighten your world!