A Little Magic with Yarn

Ladies and Gentlemen!
You’ve heard of the Amazing Kreskin?

Well, prepare to be entertained by the Not-Quite-As-Amazing Crystal!

For my first trick . . .

I will begin with a crocheted yarn ring!

ipad pix sept yarn ring


Next, I make 5 more, overlap them, weave a strip through the centers to hold them in place, and then crochet around the outer edges in contrasting colors.
(You’ll notice I have nothing up my sleeve!! 😉 )

Trivet 1


And now, I wave my magic crochet hook and Presto! Change-o!
A vintage-style trivet/hot pad!!!

trivet sept 2


Pretty cool. Don’t you agree? 🙂
I think it looks like a Celtic knot, or maybe a brain teaser puzzle?!?

I used left-over yarn for this. It was a delight to make – very easy and very fast! I must get some yarn in my kitchen colors and make a couple more.

The pattern can be found by clicking here.



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