Smile With Me

Happy Monday, Kids!

Since I can’t hand you a piece of Halloween candy through the computer screen, how about another kind of treat – like a smile or maybe even a giggle or two? 😉

We haven’t had a Lucky Seven for AGES!

Today’s edition features paraprosdokians! My sister sent them – she’s often looking for something I might turn into a blog post. Thanks, Nancy!)

Hope they brighten your day. 😀

Seven “Paraprosdokians”

1. The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

2. How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire.

3. You don’t need a parachute to skydive, but you do need one to skydive again.

4. Hospitality is making your guests feel like they’re at home, even if you wish they were.

5. Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.

6. “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.” Groucho Marx

7. If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong.

Which one do you like best?