Don’t Worry Be Happy

There’s a little recipe for happiness that I’ve always loved . . .

    Someone to love,
    Something to do,
    Something to look forward to!

I have it written on a post-it note at my computer desk. It’s been there for years. So long, in fact, the note eventually lost its “sticky” and had to be taped to another piece of paper hanging from a clip. 😉


Of course, there can be lots of other “ingredients” in a person’s happiness recipe, including:

  • Work that you find fulfilling
  • Having time to dream
  • Being there for others
  • A levelheaded approach to life’s challenges
  • Enough money for the essentials, and a little extra!
  • A realistic perception of yourself, with recognition and appreciation of your strengths!
  • A sense of inner serenity.


What element(s) would you include in your recipe for happiness? 😀