The Last Scarf of Winter . . .

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Last Rose of Summer” . . .

so I thought I’d twist the phrase here to introduce:

the “Last Scarf of Winter”! 😉


Enough with the cold and snow! I’m dreaming of a delightful spring and I’d like to concentrate on making some fun spring-time projects pretty soon – so this will probably be my last “wintry” item for a while.


I really do like how it turned out, though. This was another one of my TV Projects. The yarn is a fluffy angora in denim blue, to which I added a short eyelash in coordinating shades of blue and a delicious lilac purple.


I made it extra long, so it can easily wrap around a few times, or even be used as a hood/scarf combo!

It was 58 degrees here today – definitely a sign that spring is near – so I might just carefully pack this scarf away without wearing it.

Next year it will either be a nice new addition to my wardrobe, or possibly a pretty gift for someone else! 🙂