Lately, I’m . . .

Enjoying the longer days now that we’ve sprung forward! It’s lovely to sit down for dinner with the sun still streaming in . . .

Realizing there are no good quality potholders available in the stores around here, so I’m making my own using Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn.
Makes me feel all Little House on the Prairie. 😉


Loving the bamboo-handled crochet hook I’m currently using. It’s the first “comfort handle” hook I’ve ever had and it’s so comfortable that I wish I had bought one a lot sooner!

Disbelieving that I could have a daughter turning “30-something” in a couple of days. Where did the time go? (Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! xoxoxo)

Working on a new beading challenge: twin holed beads!
They’re fun and I hope to have a finished bracelet ready to show you soon.


Admiring (and incredibly proud of) my mother who has been through a nightmare-ish several weeks of lung surgery with complications. Brave as always, she’s set an inspiring example of how to look on the bright side. And in the midst of it all – she asks me how I am doing!!!!

Reminding myself that focusing on life’s blessings and finding cheerful little distractions is the way to get through the challenging times.


What’s happening in your world?

Sending hugs,


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