5 Inexpensive Ways to Treat Yourself

Take a bubble bath.
The cost/reward ratio is tremendous here. For just pennies, you can slip into a tub of fragrant bubbles and let the soothing warmth chase your stress away!

Declare a pajama day!
If you wake up on a dark and drizzly Saturday – grab a blanket, your favorite snack, and have a guilt-free camp-out on the sofa. Watch a movie, do the crossword puzzle, read, or crochet. Everyone needs a totally unscheduled day sometimes.

Make a “special” cup of tea or coffee!
Have some fancy blends on hand that you specifically save for when you want to have a little treat! Oh, and remember to use the “good” mug, or a bone china cup and saucer. 🙂

Treat yourself to some new music.
Splurge on a CD of the latest hits or buy one with the oldies you love.

Pull out the old photo albums.
Studies suggest that women actually feel happier and refreshed after spending time looking over their photo collections.


I‘ll bet you can add another one to this list! 😀