Dreams of Spring

Each year, there’s a short span of days when winter is over… but spring is still asleep.


The pristine snow slowly disappears and we’re left with a drab and dreary landscape. It’s bleak. We long for warm breezes and cheerful colors.

While we wait, we take comfort in the subtle signs that spring is emerging – early morning songs from returning birds… the appearance of tiny green shoots peeking through the soil…

More days pass and then – almost overnight – barren tree branches have exploded with leaves, the grass is remarkably greener, and the fragrance of lilacs drifts in through the open door.

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Recently, while dreaming of spring flowers, I made some jewelry inspired by lilacs and violets and purple iris!

Here are a couple of examples.


Wishing you a Happy Spring!

( What have you been up to? 🙂 )



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