Day Trippers – Part 2

OK, Kids!

Right this way . . . .

We’re about to view an eye-popping display of COLOR and SIZE and incredible BEAUTY!


Welcome to the exhibit of glass artist extraordinaire, Dale Chihuly. Dubbed the most famous glass artist since Louis Comfort Tiffany, Chihuly has forever changed the art of delicate blown glass over the last four decades – propelling it into a world of large-scale sculpture that is simply breath-taking to behold!


Almost there, just down these steps . . .


In this first vignette, the wall is quite large and covered with glass in shades of autumn. The lighting creates a warm reflective glow that beckons us to enter the gallery for this show called:

Through The Looking Glass

Click photos twice to enlarge


Talk about amazing! Here we have a life-sized boat filled with a myriad of glass objects, including trailing lily pads! The room is quite dark except for the lighting that dances on the boat – which is set on a highly reflective surface. So very beautiful!


This made me gasp! We are now in a room where the entire ceiling is made of wooden beams and large panels of clear glass upon which hundreds of pieces of art glass are resting.


Rainbows of color reflect on the walls and the overall scene is dazzling.

This photo courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


I didn’t think there could be anything to top what we’ve already seen. I was wrong. Walking through this room is a step into another world – a fairy tale land, perhaps, or a magical planet.


Gosh, there’s still a bit more to see, and afterwards I want to take you all to lunch, but this story is getting long again!

I promise to wrap up our day in Part 3.

Please stay tuned! 🙂

~All photos by Sir Beads except as noted.