It’s Fun To Be Frugal

Our ancestors had a saying during the Depression Years:

Use it up; wear it out; make it do; or do without!

I just finished a project where I was able to follow the first part of those instructions.


You remember my wreath from yesterday?

When it was complete, I was left with half of a skein of yarn. Sometimes such a small amount will languish in the craft stash for a very long time before it can be used – if ever.

But, I started to play with making a couple of crocheted flowers. They looked a little like daisies.

I thought they were cute with the multi-shades of the variegated yarn and I wondered if I still had enough to make a small purse on which to place them.

Turns out I did! Don’t the flowers look sweet on it?

Here’s the reverse side of the clutch bag

Sorry I don’t have a link to a pattern for any of this – I was making it up as I went along.

Now all that remains is a yard, or so, of yarn.

Yep, I “use(d) it up”! 😀

I think my grandmother would be proud.