Summertime Recipe

Today I have another “oldie but goodie” post that features one of my favorite summertime recipes . . .

Would you like an idea for a “cool” meal to have on a hot summer evening? Nothing fancy, but colorful and delicious?

When I was growing up, and the weather was hazy, hot, and humid, my mother would often make what she called a “cold supper”. Nothing on the plate was hot. It was so refreshing be able to enjoy a meal that was attractive and nutritious but not steaming hot! Now I’ll warn you that this is not necessarily quicker to make than a regular meal, but if you prepare enough, you can have it for a couple of days during a summer heat wave. (You’ll need to cook some potatoes and hard-boil a few eggs early in the day when it’s cooler. You may want to slice some of the veggies and fruit ahead of time, as well.)

Cold Supper

Arrange on each dinner plate:

~ 1 small scoop tuna salad (or salmon, or even slices of chicken, cold beef, or ham that you may have left-over)

~ 1 small scoop potato salad

~ 1 hard boiled egg peeled and sliced

~ garden tomato slices, cucumber slices, lettuce, carrot sticks, pepper strips

~ melon wedges (peeled), fresh peach slices, tiny bunch of seedless grapes, blueberries, strawberries, any berries in season!

~ pickles (sweet or dill!)

~ 1 slice of hearty bread (or a fresh roll)

Change the list according to your favorites or to what is in season in your area. We often had different combinations! Substitute coleslaw for the lettuce, or watermelon for the cantaloupe. The main idea is to have a blend of protein, fruits, and veggies that are arranged in an attractive fashion on your plate. 🙂 Then, have sherbet or popsicles for dessert – and it will suddenly seem as if the temperature has dropped 5 degrees!

You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to sit down to this meal. Kids love it too!

Hope it helps to keep you cool this summer,