Lucky Seven – Signs of Spring

When Spring begins, it often seems as if Mother Nature is toying with us . . .


One weekend it’s sunny and gorgeous with temperatures in the 70’s. Then, suddenly, the temperatures drop to the 40’s, with biting winds and flooding rains. No coat is needed one day; a hat and mittens are required the next! It’s enough to make you feel like a yo-yo.

What can we do to cope with such trauma? Well, we could console ourselves by searching for “Signs of Spring”! 🙂

This week’s Lucky Seven includes some of my favorites. Please add yours, too!


7 Sights, Scents, Sounds, and Signs of Spring:

1. Windows that are open and the scent of spring flowers wafting through the house.

2. The sound of the spring peepers! These tiny little frogs have an uncanny ability to begin their chorus on the first day of spring!

3. Pussy willows and forsythia

4. Packing away the heavy coats for “sweater weather”!

5. Birds chirping merrily at sunrise.

6. Easter lilies and jelly beans at the supermarket

7. Finally, the most comical sign that spring has sprung is that guy who seems to be at every shopping mall on the first mild day. He’s very easy to spot! While most of us have left our coats at home, this guy is sporting short-shorts, a tank top and flip-flops. We always giggle a little, and conclude that he has that outfit waiting by the door, to slip into the moment the temperature hits 60 degrees! We always wonder what he’ll do on a day that’s 95!


What makes you think, “It’s Spring!” 🙂