We Are Fa-mi-ly

Did you notice?

We’ve had a very special week on this blog . . .

And it’s funny because most of us had unusually busy schedules over the last several days.

In spite of that, we did our best to drop in when we could, and the comments were AMAZING! To me, it was a turning point.

Of course, for a long time now, I’ve felt that we have a special group . . . but this week we’ve taken it up another notch! My heart melts reading the lovely things you all say to each other. I don’t know what I ever did to be blessed with the lot of you, but I sure am delighted that you carve a little time from your own busy lives to gather here.

You are appreciated so very much. 😀

(And if you’re a visitor, but are shy about commenting, fear not! You’re in good hands with this sweet bunch.)


Happy Weekend!