12 Ornaments of Christmas – Part 6


Part 6 in this series is technically not an ornament but an ornament hanger! Actually, they’re so pretty; they could almost stand alone as ornaments if you wish. 🙂

But imagine how dazzling your tree would look if you used a bunch of these little sparklers to hang your ornaments!


And talk about quick and easy! I made them in just a few minutes.

Supplies Needed:

1. A few pretty beads!

2. Medium gauge wire

3. Pliers

4. Wire cutters.


1. Use wire cutters to cut a 5″ piece of wire. (You may decide you want your finished piece to be smaller. In that case, experiment with shorter lengths of wire until you arrive at the size you like best.)

2. With pliers, make a flat spiral shape on one end of the wire. (See photo for guidance.)

3. Next, thread your beads onto the wire in a pleasing arrangement.

4. Finally, bend the top of the wire to form a small loop, and then wrap the rest of the wire around a pen to form a “hook” shape. (Again, refer to the photo.)

That’s it – all ready for the tree!

Perfect for gifts, too!!! If you’re giving a fancy glass ornament – make a lovely hanger to accompany it, or make a set of them for a teacher, hostess, or that “hard to buy for person” on your list. 🙂