Crystal, A Wild Child? ;-)

Remember I made some paper beads several weeks ago?

Well, I wanted to do something a little different with them, but I actually surprised myself with the turn my design would take.

Now, you know me. The “Crystal-Style” of jewelry is kind of glitzy, usually very feminine and sometimes it might even be classified as elegant.

So, imagine my surprise when I ended up with something “artsy”!

Dare I call it “funky” and betray my flower child roots?

(Ok not ever truly a “hippie”, but my early adult years were during that era.)

click photo twice to enlarge

Wish you could hold this through the computer screen! It has such a nice weight and a wonderful drapey-ness (Is that a word?)

It would be stunning with white pants and a cotton shirt. I can also imagine it looking very festive worn on a cruise. 🙂

I strung the necklace on waxed linen cord and it has no clasp – will easily slip over your head. This back-view shows how you can adjust the length by simply pulling on the hanging beads.

I’m not sure; I may add a few more dangly things to the front of the necklace. I’m hesitating because I keep hearing the words of Sir Beads’ Dad, who was an artist (a painter). He always said, “Know when to stop.”

Smart fellow! Often you can ruin something by fussing with it too much.


So there you have it – my walk on the wild side.

And who knows what’s next?

Perhaps breaking my “home-by-midnight” curfew?!? 😉




P.S. Have a relaxing weekend! See you Monday with a concert report! 🙂