Mega Millions

No, I didn’t win this week’s jackpot.
We did buy a ticket though. It’s kind of funny because we only buy one when the prize is astronomical. In that case, we figure we have a 50/50 chance to win. You know – either we win… or some other guy wins. See? 50/50! 😉

Anyway, even though we didn’t become millionaires, it was still my lucky day. I was featured in two treasuries!


One on etsy with my Robin’s Eggs Beads (in the bottom row).


And one on artfire with my Periwinkle Blue Bracelet Beads (3rd row, far right).


I’m just tickled to have my beads included with all the other pretties in both treasuries!


Well, Kids, we’ve just about completed the first week of 2011. Thanks for all your comments! I loved every single one of ’em. 😀

Happy Weekend!