Forever Young

On a summer evening, not long ago . . .

Crystal and Sir Beads are out doing some errands. They decide to stop at their favorite discount store . . .

Crystal: Oh my gosh! Look at THIS!!! And only $3.99! I can’t believe it.

Sir beads: What?

Crystal: (breathlessly) Look! It’s a paper punch with sand castles and pails and shovels and a little starfish!

Sir Beads: Oh, very nice.

Crystal: It has a beach theme and you know I spent practically every waking moment on the beach as a kid – well, during the summer season, at least.

Sir Beads: (Nods and then smiles.)

Crystal: Honestly, it’s SO cute!!! I just can’t leave it here for $3.99!

Sir Beads: Oh, definitely not. (He winks.)

Crystal: I know. I know! I’m still a big kid. 😉



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