The Glass is Half Full

The good news is: On Saturday I got a haircut and it came out pretty well. (It’s always such a nail-biter whenever I go to the salon!)

The bad news is: For breakfast this morning, I was eating some crunchy cereal with almonds and one of my fillings fell out – waaah! 🙁


The good news is: It was close to 60 degrees here in New England yesterday.

The bad news is: We also had an oil delivery and the bill was . . . are you ready? $610.00! (Yikes!)


The good news is: I was doing a little organizing of my craft space and I found some great supplies that I forgot I had!

The bad news is: I think the area looked neater before I organized! 😉


The good news is: I am having a lot of fun getting back into crocheting again!

The bad news is: Now I have a two-page list of crochet projects I’d like to make! Oh well, it IS nice to have a choice . . .


The good news is: All of you make me smile from ear to ear with the great comments you leave here on the blog.

And there’s nothing bad about that!!! 😀




The Glass is Half Full — 9 Comments

  1. Wow, I wish you lived nearby– you’d be so fun to hang out with! I play the good-news-bad-news game too!

    I’m at a point where I’ve got waaaay too many things I WANT to do– I need a deadline on some of them, so I can prioritize!

  2. Carapace said what I think too…I wanna hang out with you!! You know I’M a good news/bad news person only I start with the bad news and end with the good news so I am always ending with the best which remains on your mind!!

    Shoulda posted a pic of the new do!!

    xx Carol

  3. Aww… How sweet!! We love you too!!

    I enjoyed reading your good news and bad news.

    Our heating bill was high last month but not nearly as high as yours. Half that. I hope more warm days are headed your way.


    My good news is we have air conditioning!! YAY!!

    My bad news – got to leave the house and walk into the heat! 35 degrees Celsius! YUCK!

    Crystal says: It’s summer now where Kym lives! That temperature equals 95 degrees Fahrenheit! Whew!

  5. Lucky Kym, I would take 95 over the frigid temps we had a couple of weeks ago! (My utility bill was sky high too) 🙁 Bring on spring!!
    Loved the good news/bad news! Isn’t it funny how things always happen like that? I guess God has to keep us humble!

  6. …and I love you too, and also want to be part of the hang out gang!
    Oh well, if I win lotto, I’ll rent a floor in some grand hotel and we’ll all have a big pajama party!

    The good news is we all somehow found you sweet Crystal!

    Hugs, xoxo
    Paulette 😉

  7. i agree that it’s good to end on a positive note. the bad side is usually just showing you that things aren’t that bad afterall!

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