Friday Favorites

snowballstaywarmTemperatures are in the 20’s here this morning!

Brrrr! 🙂

We’ve already had our first snow of the season, and more is predicted in the next few days. Speaking of snow, you’ve probably noticed that many blogs are featuring falling snowflakes lately! Seeing them reminds me of some especially breath-taking paper snowflakes that I showcased here last December.

Just like Christmas trees and other seasonal decorations – these paper snowflakes truly deserve to be on display every year.

This is just a small sample!

Click here to see many more and also to read about Elsie, an inspirational lady who shares her beautiful paper snowflakes with countless lucky recipients.


I hope you’ll try to find a few moments of quiet time – just for YOU – this weekend! 😀

Meet ya back here on Monday . . .



Friday Favorites — 2 Comments

  1. Cool flakes as long as they are paper! I am hoping for a winter with unseasonably warm weather to counter the summer we just had with unseasonably cold weather. Did you hear that Universe?!?

    Anyway, Cool Flakes.

  2. Hi Sweetie! Wow, those ARE beautiful snowflakes! I’m going to pay Elsie a little visit! You lucky girl…you got snow! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for some to come my way before Santa shows up! Have a great weekend! Hugs, xoxo

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