12 Ornaments of Christmas – Pt. 3

The 3rd ornament in this series is a miniature winter hat! It measures just 2-1/2″ tall – so sweet!

Now please don’t worry if knitting isn’t your thing, because this will probably be the last knitted ornament that I present this year. I wanted to make it now while I still had my yarn and knitting needles handy, but next week I’ll be moving on to another craft. 🙂

Tiny Knit Hat with Tassel


So here we have another quick and easy design – only basic skills required. The pattern (found here) also includes several variations if you’d like more of a challenge. There’s an adorable Aran knit, for example.

In the interest of speed, I chose this striped style and then decided to add a tassel instead of the standard pom pom – just to shake things up a bit. 😉

A collection of these little hats would be darling on the tree, but they’d also make great package tie-ons or party favors. In the pattern photo, there’s even one “dressing-up” a gift bottle.

But then, you might have a mini bear who’d be delighted to keep snuggly warm this winter in a slightly over–sized hat!





12 Ornaments of Christmas – Pt. 3 — 5 Comments

  1. The bear is adorable. Gosh, this is about the hat, isn’t it ~ lol ~ OK the hat on the bear is adorable! I have always wished that I knew how to knit. O, I can knit and purl, but that’s about it. Someday I promise myself to get back to it and learn it well enough to do lacy things. They are so much prettier in knit than crochet.

    But I did enjoy the post, or maybe it was the bear!

    xx, Carol

  2. Oh, this is just too cute! I love it, and it’s so perfect on little Mr. Bear! You are just so talented Miss Crystal!!! I’m such a slow knitter, it’s pathetic. When I’m knitting, I have to stop after each stitch, and let go of my needle so I can yarn over. See, just like I said…REEEEallY SLOOOOOOW GOING! I did amaze myself once, and knit (on the slimmest needles) a beaded amulet bag. I’ll never use it, but I think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made! I’m going to copy your pattern Sweetie, and thank you for another great idea! A big hug, Paulette

  3. oh wow, that hat is adorable on the bear! I can’t knit for the life of me…but I can crochet and have made tiny hats for stuffed animals. Maybe this easy-looking pattern can help me get started on knitting again; it’s just so cute 🙂

  4. How adorable!
    I made a few plain ones a couple of years ago…as well as tiny sweaters.
    But this striped hat is even cuter!
    I might just make a couple.

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