Friday Favorites – Planet Raspberry


smileywink Sorry about the silly title for this week’s Friday Favorites… but I’m in a silly mood!

In my defense though, the lampwork beads do have rings around them – rather like a “planet”, and the color here is definitely a “raspberry” pink.


As I was making these earrings, it occurred to me that they’d be gorgeous for winter. First of all, the white is a true “winter white”, and then there’s the raspberry, which is such a deliciously cool color.

So what’s up for your weekend?

Hope you’re planning a little fun along with those chores!!

tinypumpkinWe should all follow Carol’s lead and choose our pumpkins while the selection is still good.

Well . . . take good care, and I’ll see ya back here on Monday for a new giveaway and new questions. 😀



Friday Favorites – Planet Raspberry — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Crystal!

    These earrings look delicious! I love raspberry, and that color is so yummy! They’re really beautiful Crystal!

    I think Carol is very wise. I really liked what she wrote in your “I’m Getting Nervous” post too! =D

    I was in the grocery store today, and out front they had bins of the most beautiful big pumpkins for just $4.99 each. I didn’t buy one though, because I want to go the pumpkin patch and walk around, and do the fall thing, eat a candy apple, buy some jam, take a hay ride, pet the goats…but I know I’ll pay way more for a pumpkin patch pumpkin than one of those $4.99 beauties … I’m having second thoughts!

    Have a great weekend sweetie,
    Hugs, Paulette 😉

  2. the new planet looks so delicious as it sounds!
    love the color combination, making me want to eat it!

  3. These are absolutely so cool!! You are amazing!

    Yep, I’m thinking about pumpkins. But its blustery cold here and snow in the forecast for Sunday. I guess we will be thinking about winterizing. We have a heater for the pond, but are bringing some of the favorite fish inside just in case. So much to do!!

    Everyone, have a great weekend!! Think soup

  4. REALLY PRETTY earrings Crystal. I love them! Like raspberry swirl ice cream!
    Have you ever looked at vintage buttons on ETSY? Why do I love old buttons so much?

  5. Hi Nancy 🙂
    I love old buttons too! Could it be because our grandmother used to sew for us?

    She always chose such pretty buttons. You’ve reminded me that I still have a few of them from Easter coats she made for me when I was a kid.

    You’ve also reminded me that I have some wonderful Czech buttons to put in my shop soon! They are new but were made in the Czech Republic with vintage Czechoslovakian button molds.

    So nice to see your name in the comments!!!

    Come back soon!! 😀


  6. As always, your beads and crystals are stunningly coordinated. I look at them first then move on to your beautiful findings. And your wirewraps are perfect. What method or technique do you use to get them so perfect?

  7. Hi Donna,
    Thank you so much for your kind compliments! 😀
    I really don’t do anything out of the ordinary when I wirewrap. However, one thing I have noticed is that wirewrapping (at least for me) is not like riding a bicycle! LOL.
    By that I mean it’s a skill that needs to practiced. If I haven’t done it for a few weeks – I find that I lose some of my ability to do it as well as I’d like. My best wraps always seem to come at the end of a day of making jewelry, when I have been wrapping many times.

  8. Same here. I mess up the first few. Always my wish for the 2nd one to look like the 1st, when making earrings. I hope one day I’ll be consistent.

  9. So cute! Love lamp beads….but why are they called lamp beads?

    I gave the pendant I won here several weeks back to my DIL. She’s going to visit her sister who does beadwork and they’ll make me some kind of a necklace with it….I’ll get it back at THanksgiving….I can’t wait it was so pretty.

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