12 Ornaments of Christmas – Pt. 1

Ok, I know. I KNOW!!! We may not be ready to think about the holidays just yet, but if you’d like to make gifts or decorations this year – time’s a wasting!

Today I’m launching a new series, “The Twelve Ornaments of Christmas”. Each week from now until Santa’s on the way, I plan to post a new ornament that I’ve made, along with the directions for you to make one too, if you like!


This week, I have a little sneaker, or “tennis shoe”, for the knitters among you!


It was not very complicated and fairly quick to make with small scraps of yarn. I used holiday red but this would be cute in any color as a party favor, perhaps? I can imagine it filled with candy or a tiny stuffed animal and then set at each guest’s place for a birthday party or an after-sports event. You can find the pattern here.

It’s going to look adorable on the tree this year! 🙂



12 Ornaments of Christmas – Pt. 1 — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, this is a great idea! nope, not too early to think about the holidays. I only hope I have the time and energy to make my ideas come to life!

  2. I’m with Carol here! What a great idea Crystal! I’m not a knitter, but this is too adorable! I’m taking the directions for future possibilities!
    I love it! Thank you Sweetie!

    Hugs, Paulette

    P.S. I love that card too! 😉

  3. Love this idea of ornaments every week! I don’t really need any for my tree anymore….I wonder if the grandkids would like little baubles from me??/ Now, to save those directions..

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