10 Things That Drive Me Nuts!

It’s better to laugh than to get aggravated, right?

blogfromheartSome days, doesn’t it seem as if life is filled with little annoyances? A bit of venting usually makes us feel better and can also help us realize that, in the grand scheme of things, these little stresses are pretty insignificant!

So let’s list some of the things that bug us. Then we can smile for the rest of the week! 😀

I‘ll start. In no particular order, here are things that drive me nuts:

1. In my neck of the woods, the milk we buy comes in plastic bottles with plastic caps. It drives me nuts that no matter how many times I wipe off the bottle after using it, the next time I open it, there will be a mini blizzard of dried milk flakes that fly everywhere. You’ve heard the old saying: “They can send a man to the moon . . .” I’d like to add . . . “so why can’t they engineer a better milk bottle?”

2. Mail-in rebates! I hate ‘em! Just give me the sale price up front, please!

3. Grocery store loyalty cards – See #2

4. People who breeze by, without a word, when you stop to hold a door for them.

5. It drives me nuts when I’m just about to hop into bed at night and I suddenly see a giant spider crawling across the ceiling (or I hear a mosquito buzzing!) Eeks!!! Let me tell ya – there will be no sleeping until we extricate that unwanted visitor from the boudoir!

6. The amount of junk mail and telemarketing that still squeaks through even though you’ve jumped through hoops to remove yourself from the appropriate lists.

7. Trying to pay for a purchase and being asked for a zip code, a phone number, of if I would like to apply for a store charge, the coupon club, or the frequent buyer program. I know it’s not the clerk’s fault, but it gets very, very old – especially when “no thank you” doesn’t seem to suffice and I’m asked: “Why not?” and “Are you sure???”

8. Public restrooms that are in such an awful condition that I ask myself if I really have to go! 😉

9. Watching the weather forecast on TV and having to listen to so much superfluous blah blah blah, that by the time the guy finally gets to the crucial details – like tomorrow’s temperature – I’ve tuned out and I miss that part!!! Grrrrr!

10. Spending time going through sales racks at a department store only to discover at the checkout that the item I’ve selected is one of the few things that is NOT on sale!

What drives you nuts? 🙂



10 Things That Drive Me Nuts! — 7 Comments

  1. Gosh, are you whiney ~ lol!!

    O, OK, I complain about some of those things too. Especially the person that either doesn’t hold the door, or thank you for doing it.

    I also hate those courtesy cards. Just give everybody the sale price and forget it!

    I can’t think of too many things that bother me like that. At least not enough to have them come to mind here.

    Maybe when I go through the checkout and find something was on sale and I didn’t know it because there was no sign and I would have bought more.

    O, OK. There’s the clerk that is supposed to be waiting on customers, but makes you wait until they finish their personal conversation with another clerk. But am I rude because I remind them to get back to business? Who cares.

    Maybe I’ll come back and tell you more when I think of them. At least that would be another entry for the corn earrings!!

  2. Hey there, Carol 🙂

    I can understand why you can’t come up with a bunch of things in a just couple of minutes. This was one of those “in progress” blog posts. I had a little list that I added to now and then over a few weeks time.

    Good addition re: The clerk who is too involved in personal business to wait on you!

  3. I found myself nodding, yes, yes… as I read through your list. I have a few of my own.

    1. Noticing the checkout cashier at the grocery store is doing nothing but staring at me as I pile my groceries on the conveyor belt. He/she is WAITING for me to hand them my little card thingy. Can’t start ringing up until then!!

    2. Having to ask the nearest man to untwist a bottle cap. Not much strength in these old hands. The soda pop ones are THE worst!!

    3. Trying to open or unwrap just about anything these days. I need a blow torch to open a bag of chips.

    4. Receiving an on-line purchase and the item was just thrown in the box without any protective covering. Used to get them wrapped in plastic. No more.

    5. People talking on their cell phones while driving. Makes me nuts when I try to make eye contact with them at the intersection and they are off in La-La-Land. Only they and their cell phones exist.

    6. Speaking of cell phones….. At the movies. Having to look at little lit windows being flipped up and down. Throughout the theatre.

    7. And speaking of the movies… Having someone sit next to you in a 99.9% empty theatre.

    I am sure I have more. There are annoyances everywhere. 😀

  4. Oh Donna! LOL 😀

    Great list!!

    So TRUE about the packaging these days! Heaven help you if you have a headache and are struggling with the [child] adult proof cap on the aspirin bottle!!!

    And as you said – why is it that when there are only a few people in the movie theater – the next person who arrives has to sit right in front of you!!??!!

    Actually, we tested this phenomenon one time by actually sitting off to the side, in seats that you’d never think would be thought of as good for viewing, but BAM! Sure enough, a person entered; looked all around, and then headed right for us! Definitely the “herd mentality” in action. 😉

  5. Hi Crystal!

    This is such a great post!!! I agree with everything you said, and what Carol and Donna added.

    The thing that bothers me the most are the rude people who like you said, breeze by without a “thank you” while you hold the door open for them. The same with the ladies in the grocery store who make believe they don’t see you, or hear you politely say “excuse me”, and they just continue searching the shelf, while their cart blocks the way….what about the women who you wait for so they can pass with their cart, and they don’t say thank you. I always feel a little like I just had dirt thrown in my face. I could never be so rude!

    What about when we’re standing, number in hand, at the deli counter for 10 minutes waiting our turn, and then when your number is finally called, someone five numbers before you, who was wandering around the store instead of patiently waiting like the rest of us, jumps in and says “Oh, I’ve got number such and such”. Grrrrrr! … Can you tell how much I love to go grocery shopping!!!!

    Here’s another one…I don’t know what happened this year, but we have an awful lot of people walking their dogs down our block. I’m a die hard animal lover, so nothing against the doggies, but we take good care of our lawn, and it really bothers me when I see someone standing on the sidewalk waiting for their dog to finish peeing on my grass…or my fence!

    Very rarely will I ever complain about anything having to do with snow…but it REALLY bothers me when, after we get like two feet of snow, and we’re out there for hours blowing and shoveling out the driveway, the plows come down the street and plow us in again!!!!

    Okay, enough from me! This was fun!!!

    Hugs, Paulette 😉

  6. Great list! I also am very irritated when someone is standing in line in front of me with a huge cart full and waits until they ring up the total and then decides to write out a check. They slowly pull out their checkbook, ask for the correct date, ask again how much, ask if they can write out for more than the amount and then carefully record the transaction in their checkbook. Then they tear out the check!!! Finally!

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