When the going gets hot…

. . . the “hot” make jewelry! 😀

I know, I KNOW!!! You are sick and tired of hearing me complain about this heat wave. Good news though! Our weather guy says it will finally break tonight.

Can I get a yabba – dabba – doooooooo?!?!

Well, at least I was productive! 😉

I finished this . . .


I love the pendant on this set. It’s by polymer clay artist extraordinaire, Cheryl Harris. (You can see more of her work here.) To complement the pendant, I chose beads in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors – mostly vintage glass, Czech glass, and Swarovski crystals. I do hope the colors are as pretty on your screen as they actually are in person.


So many ideas . . . so little time!



When the going gets hot… — 7 Comments

  1. Ha, don’t be so happy cool is coming. It came here too and with it a tornado and rain. My kids were at the mall when the weather man said rotation not 3 miles from there. Thank God for cell phones. DUH, they heard the sirens…what did they think they were going off for!! Home they came with new school shoes and the storm passed. This morning we heard a small tornado touched down where they were, but no damage except winds. Brother.

  2. Crystal…THAT set is just GORGEOUS!!!! The pendant is soooo pretty and you chose the most perfect assortment of beads and crystals to complement it perfectly. It’s truly lovely! You’re such a talented lady!!! I have to go check out Cheryl’s things!
    Hugs, Paulette …. it’s still really hot over here. I’m wilting.

  3. Cheryl’s pendant is AMAZING!!! I wish I knew how to make cane!!! 😀 I’ll save that for a rainy day, right now I want to make some lil’ cakes!

  4. I love items made with polymer clay. It would be fun to see how they
    create their items. The pendant is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your find!

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