Giveaway – Poseidon’s Gift Earrings

Hi there and welcome to my weekly giveaway!

As usual, there were many wonderful comments last week. I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate your warm and thoughtful words. . .

And talk about a great sense of humor – you often have me grinning – if not laughing out loud! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

For this week’s giveaway, I have a pair of earrings called, “Poseidon’s Gift”.


The earrings feature Czech baroque-shaped glass beads in swirling shades of blues, pinks and greens that are encased in clear glass – so very lovely! I’ve embellished the beads with Swarovski crystals in one of their newest colors, โ€œAir Blue Opalโ€, which has a gorgeous iridescent quality!

For pierced ears, the earrings measure 1-5/8 inches in length including the sterling silver earwires.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

This week, you will have up to four (4) chances to enter the weekly giveaway.

You can choose any or all of the following 4 ways to enter:

1st Chance:

Leave a comment answering the first weekly question:

Do you have a favorite birthday memory?

2nd Chance:

Leave a comment answering the second weekly question:

Frosting roses: Love them or hate them?

3rd Chance:

Send me an email at:
crystal at beadhappilyeverafter dot com
And let me know how often you read this blog by writing one of the following:

Once a month
Once a week
A couple of times a week
First time here.

4rd Chance:

Comment on any other post except this one. You can do it today or another day this week. You do not have to tell me that you left a “comment” on another post. The blog program shows me all of the “comments” as they come in – so I do not miss any of them! ๐Ÿ˜€

The Boring Stuff . . .
You must be 18 yrs. old. After the completion of the contest, the name of the winner will be listed here. The winner will also be notified by email. If no valid email address is given at time of entry, or if winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be mailed by USPS First Class Mail.

All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 08/16/09, and the winner will be selected on or about 08/17/09.



Giveaway – Poseidon’s Gift Earrings — 57 Comments

  1. Frosting roses: Love them or hate them?
    I love them! I always tell people that if they dont want them, my place will be a happy (temporary) home for them!

  2. Why can’t I ever just answer one of your questions? Huh? Frosting Roses. It all depends on where the cake came from. Do you have Kroger there? I hate their icing. However, the local bakery that I buy cakes from…well….I am almost embarased to say that I LOVE their frosting and I eat too much of it including all the roses I can get. So There! My secret is out. Thanks Crys!!

  3. 1st Chance:

    Leave a comment answering the first weekly question:

    Do you have a favorite birthday memory?

    -Not really. I guess one time would be when I had a pool party when I was younger…it was just relaxing and carefree and FUN.

  4. My favourite birthday memory is from when I was 5 years old at Mother’s Pizza. All the girls in my class were there and the pizza was fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Frosting roses are gross! Fondant too… any hard sugar makes me want to throw up. Buttercream, on the other hand, I’ll eat out of the tub.

    Thank you!

  6. My best birthday memory was in 2002. I had a business trip scheduled for 2 weeks in Paris, and my birthday fell during that trip. Champagne and fois gras on the Seine? Nothing better than that!

  7. Favourite birthday memory… Attending my city’s May Day celebrations and watching the maypole dancers (my birthday falls on May Day). They only had the maypoles that one year.

  8. My favourite birthday memory was when I received my black cat buffy I came home and my sister had her sitting on my bed with a big pink bow. I have my fingers crossed that I win this giveaway the earrings are gorgeous I love the name of them,the colors and it would go great with many of my outifts.Marian

  9. Hi Crystal!

    First…I love those earrings, they’re so beautiful as always!

    First answer… No I have NO special birthday memories…really! I always feel like a princess on my birthday, even if everyone forgets, I still feel like it’s my special day…so I guess all of them are special memories. I know, this is a silly answer (it’s late, and I’m tired tonight!) :o)

    Second answer… I AM THE FROSTING ROSE QUEEN!!!! Everyone knows it too. I’m not a cake lover, I’m a pie girl myself, and I’m not a whipped cream girl either, but butter cream roses…TO DIE FOR! I almost get hurt feelings when someone actually eats one of those little darlings without the usual “Paul, do you want my rose?” My girlfriend recently ruined a bit of my rose bliss by telling me they are made mostly from butter flavored Crisco. She said I should just think about spooning some of that stuff into my mouth the next time I’m enjoying a butter cream frosting rose. THAT WAS SOOOOO MEAN!!!!! That really was…I don’t know if I want to be friends with her anymore….

    Have a great night Miss Crystal!

    Hugs, Paulette :o)

  10. Favourite b-day memory would be that we would go to Chuckie Cheese and play the games there.

    I love the frosting roses. If its my birthday I have to be the one who gets the slice of cake with the frosting rose.

  11. my memorable birthday is also the sadest one. my mom was scheduled to work abroad and she has to go in the day of my 5th birthday!…

    i remember how i cried that time when i woke up and found out that she was gone…

  12. i’m not very particular with the frosting of any cake. what i am into is the presentation itself… i love colorful frosting roses especially the big one! it makes me crave for more!

  13. about my b-day?… let me think… maybe that time when my parents surprised me by sending all my friends in a bar without me knowing about it!.

    my friends had it as a secret until they invited me to hangout in a bar where i almost freak-out when i saw my parents and brothers dancing to the tune of “disturbia”!…(can you imagine how awkward was that?)

    i really treasure those moments.

  14. frosting roses is used as emphasis on such pastries and cakes… i’m not against it but sometimes when i tasted one, it’s kindah super duper mega sweet that it may spoil the appetite of our visitor on a single bite!

  15. what’s wrong with frosting roses? kids love it and me, as a teenager, love it as well! i love frosting specially those with caramel inside. the crispiness really gives a kick on every bite! so to everyone, don’t humiliate my itsy-bitsy frosting… hehehe

    thanks and i hope to win this earrings for my mom on her 50th birthday.

  16. i remember when my father brought us in an amusement park on my 10th birthday!

    it’s my first time and i was amazed in every ride! he even hired a masscot for my simple party! i really miss that mascot.

    and the best part of that, is when i meet my grandma (my father’s mother) for the very first time. i will not forget when i aske her to ride a roller coaster, later did i know that she’s already 73 years old that time! i laugh everytime i remember this seriously.

  17. hello!

    i just want to share one of my most memorable birthday ever!

    the night before my birthday, my mom woke me up on my deep sleep only to find out that they prepared a countdown party for my birthday! we waited till midnight and for the day to change date. we popped out some party poppers and eat together with my siblings. i love the idea, making it the same as what we do during christmas and new year’s eve.

    it makes me feel very special.

  18. its my first time to hear about a propositon regarding to like or not to like such frosting roses! (hamlet?).

    anyway, my view on it is simple: eat if you like it! if you’re just a mere curious person who wants to have a bite, taste it and when u find it unpleasant to your stomach, you are welcome to puke!…

    seriously, i personaly love frostings on cakes. it brings me up to my childhood days.

  19. My 40th surprise party. I would have never thought my husband would drive my family out to see me. I was actually sitting outside when I got home and they had to make me come in in order to surprise me because there were no cars around and it wasn’t on my exact day.

  20. Frosting roses are no biggy to me i like the chocolate crunchies in an ice cream bday cake

  21. How’s everybody? My favorite birthday memory is when my churchmate composed a song dedicated to me and they sang it in our prayer meeting on the day of my birthday. I really appreciate their efforts and love for me. It set a greater bond for us churchmates!

  22. a few yrs ago I spent my birthday on a cruise to Alaska with my father. We were in a glacier national park. My father doesn’t like to travel by himself so he asked one of his kids (me.) We talk about how great that trip was often.

  23. I really like the names you come up with for your creations…that’s half the creation in itself!

    Birthday’s were not very special as a kid growing up…I’m one of seven, and money was tight I guess. Then, even with my own kids, we had the traditional family celebration, but no parties and loads of gifts, just something sensible. I was very pleased with one birthday I guess, when hubby bought me the sewing machine of my dreams…I was so shocked! He is the type to buy me a candy bar and call it good, so that was quite extravagant!

  24. Hate the frosting roses…too wafery….but regular frosting piled up into a frosting is a different story!

  25. I have a worst fav birthday memory. I was probley 12 and my birthday cake was carrot cake. Gross. Now I hate carrot cake to this day. I think it’s a funny story now.

  26. My favourite birthday was my 30th: my mom threw me a surprise party, sneaking in friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in a long time, including my dad and my brother. I was so completely blown away!

  27. Frosting roses? Gotta say thumbs down to that one, now that I’m getting old and sugar-intolerant, ha. (But when I was a kid, with a big ol’ sweet tooth…mmmmmm!)

  28. Technically I don’t have any birthday memories. Out of all 19 that I’ve ever had, I’ve never celebrated a single one. =]

  29. I like frosting roses. I’ve been at a couple parties where people had some that were old, though. D= Nearly breaking your tooth on a tasteless flower isn’t that great. Heheh. ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. My favorite birthday memory would have to be when my parents forgot about my birthday. This might sound depressing, which it was at the time, but now I just find it hilarious and I tease them about it all the time. We were moving at the time so everything was really hectic. But it took about three days (and a phone call reminder from my sister) before I got a “happy birthday” from my mom. No presents though.

  31. Definitely against frosting roses. I love frosting and I love roses, but frosting roses just make any cake seem old-fashioned. I’d rather see frosting leaves or swirls than roses.

  32. My fav birthday was my dads this year he turned 66 and had all his kids, grandkids and great grand kids, so much love. He helped the little ones eat frosting from the cake and it was so funny. my dad is so special to us he raised my sisters and me, poor man 3 teen daughters.

    love the earrings they are beautiful.


  33. My favorite birthday memory is actually from this year. I won a trip to Hollywood and stayed at the Roosevelt on the boulevard on my birthday.

  34. favorite birthday memory-when I was 8 and got my first new bike-I usually had to ride my sisters when she got to big for them, they were passed down to me

  35. My favorite birthday memory is from my fifth birthday. That summer I got to meet my Opa in Austria for the first time. It’s a wonderful memory since he passed away the following Christmas.

  36. I love frosting roses. I always beg to get at least one off of the birthday cake (whether it’s my birthday or not)!

  37. When I turned 16, my friends threw me a surprise party. I don’t typically like surprises, but it was really nice.

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