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Oh my goodness, there were some great answers to last week’s contest questions, particularly about the “most unusual gift” you’ve ever received!

Some were hilarious and some were more serious, like Aik’s for example. Her most unusual gift was actually very special – a coin from the Ching-Dynasty that belonged to her Grandma!

And Carol received a gift from her amazingly thoughtful DH, that some called unusual, but it was actually the perfect gift for a lady who loves to sew!

Thank you so much to everyone for your comments and for joining in the fun.

This week’s giveaway is an adorable pair of dangle earrings that I’m calling “Nile River” – because the beads look like little pyramids! 😉


These “Nile River” Earrings feature gorgeous, dimensional, “pyramid-shaped” Czech Glass beads that are clear crystal with swirls of blue, green and pink. I’ve accented them with Swarovski Crystals in coordinating colors and all findings are sterling silver. They’re even prettier in person – with much more sparkle!

Measurements: approximately 1-1/2″ long – including the sterling silver earwires.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

This week, you will have up to four (4) chances to enter the weekly giveaway.

You can choose any or all of the following 4 ways to enter:

1st Chance:

Leave a comment answering the first weekly question: If you were stranded alone on a desert island what 5 items would you want to have with you?

2nd Chance:

Leave a comment answering the second weekly question: What is one TV show that you wish had never been cancelled?

3rd Chance:

Leave a comment telling me something you’d like me to write about in a future blog post.

4th Chance:

Leave a comment on any other post on this blog. It can be left on a recent post or an old post. There are over 160 posts – take a peek at the “Categories” on the right side of the page for choices. You can leave all of your comments today, or you can come back during the week to see what’s new and leave them then.

Please note: You do NOT have to tell me that you left a “comment” on another post. The blog program shows me all of the “comments” as they come in – so I do not miss any of them! 🙂

Of course, I’d be very delighted to receive as many comments as you want to leave, but only four will count as chances in this week’s giveaway.

The Boring Stuff . . .
You must be 18 yrs. old. After the completion of the contest, the name of the winner will be listed here. The winner will also be notified by email. If no valid email address is given at time of entry, or if winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be mailed by USPS First Class Mail.

All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 06/21/09, and the winner will be selected on or about 06/22/09.



Giveaway – Nile River Earrings — 80 Comments

  1. You should write a post about some things you cannot live without! it would be interesting to read.

  2. My husband my 3 kids and my dog, why should I have to suffer alone……just kidding

  3. Frying pan,pictures of my family,dogs,boyfriend, and chips. thanks for the giveaway!

  4. 1st Chance – Picture of my children, Water, A Knife, Sunglasses, and last but not least “Wilderness Survival for Dummies” =)

  5. If I were stranded alone on a desert island, the 5 items I would want to have with me are —
    (1) lots and lots of water for drinking and bathing
    (2) hubby – he knows how to survive in the desert
    (3) some form of shelter
    (4) camera – to capture every moment in there …
    (5) PC with internet — so i can still blog 🙂

    great contest!

  6. GORGEOUS earrings!! Love the name too….puts me in mind of cool, flowing waters slipping past golden sand dunes!! So, the 5 items I would want on a desert island would be:
    1. My grown daughter, because she’s always a calming presence and we could talk girl talk!!
    2. My favorite pillow!!
    3. Some GOOD sunscreen….hate sunburns!
    4. An ice chest full of cold drinks and popsicles!!
    5. A suitcase full of good books…mystery suspense! But nothing too scary, especially set on a deserted island!

  7. It wasn’t cancelled, but I wish that Seinfield was still going!! Even the re-runs are hilarious!

  8. I love handmade jewelry but never make any myself. I would love to see articles about how you choose your beads and findings, and how you come up with your designs. I know when I like something, but always feel all thumbs when it comes to actually designing a piece!

  9. Your earrings are so beautiful. I would love to win them!
    The 5 things I would want on a desert are, my hubby (of course!), my doggie, sandwich fixings for a super sized turkey and avocado sandwich, a nice beach hut complete with bed , and a radio so I could call for help. I think I would get tired of that desert island real fast!

  10. I like your articles about crafts because I am a crafter. I like to hear about different projects you do that are not jewelry!

  11. Five things I would have on an island:
    – matches
    – supply of food
    – water
    – i-pod

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