Too cute to toss away!

On my computer desk, I have this little calendar – and I mean little!


It measures only 2″ by 3″. I bought it because I was captivated by the artwork of Becky Kelly and her absolutely adorable themes of children, woodland fairies, and tiny forest animals.

But when the pages are this cute, how can they just be discarded at the end of the day? (Click on the picture to make it larger.)


I just didn’t have the heart to put them in the trash, so at first I used them for bookmarks, and next for writing little notes, and then it hit me – they’d make great gift tags!

So I gathered some supplies . . .


And I cut some tag shapes from colored cardstock and trimmed the calendar pages.


Then, I did some experimenting with shapes and sizes.


I discovered that if I added my info to the reverse side, I’d have a cute enclosure to include with my customers’ bead and jewelry orders!


The tags really are a win, win, win!

I’m recycling . . .

It’s fun to share these sweet pictures . . .

And I have another quick and easy project to work on during TV Time! ๐Ÿ™‚



Too cute to toss away! — 13 Comments

  1. Oh, those tags are adorable! I can completely understand why you couldn’t throw them out..!!

  2. Hey Sis: You have totally won my RE award. This is a perfect example of REpurposing. Anyone that receives one will certainly cherish it and hopefully find their own way to repurpose it.

  3. Very Sweet! I love those tags! You could also use a printed section of wrapping paper to craft a gift tag on card stock. It would match the gift wrap and save money. Greeting cards are way overpriced these days.

  4. ~Thanks so much, Ladies!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~Nancy, I love your idea with the gift-wrap! It’s so true that cards are incredibly pricey lately!

  5. Could you put one of these on my earrings? when you give them to me?
    I’m feeling lucky, or is the medication finally working? They are very cute! Great idea!

  6. You are so creative and talented! I am envious.
    Your bunny, eggs and these tags are delightful.
    Thanks for sharing. Cindi

  7. That is a terrific way to recycle such beautiful pics. I have pics from last year’s cat calendar and am trying to figure out a way to recycle them. I was going to make a collage or something.


  8. Hey! Thanks for the great idea! I save my calenders too. I really needed an idea like this and maybe tommorow I will get started.

  9. That was a creative idea ๐Ÿ™‚
    I probably would of kept them for myself haha

  10. I don’t blame you for not wanting to throw those out — how sweet! And what a clever idea you came up with to re-use them. Bravo!

  11. This is such a clever, green, creative use of the calender pages. Lovely little tags you’ve made. I can imagine using them to make baby cards or baby announcements.

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