It’s On My List . . .


Lists. Do you make them?

Does a having a “list” ease your stress about the things you need to do?

Or do you feel it’s better to be blissfully unaware of the vast number of upcoming obligations you have?

Me? Well, I’ve had an on-again/off-again love affair with lists. On the one hand, I believe they are definitely helpful when you need to pack for a vacation, or plan a party. And I’ll admit there’s something very satisfying about crossing things off as you complete them. You get that wonderful sense that you’re actually making progress!

But creating multiple lists of things that could be done, should be done, and must be done, can be a little overwhelming – not to mention time-consuming. After all, in the time it takes to make and refer to multiple lists; you could be accomplishing a task that’s on the list. 😉

wallclockgreenMy grandmother was the most organized person I’ve ever met. For example, if her kitchen clock stopped running, she could refer to her notes and tell you not only what battery was needed, but also the date she last replaced it, and the price she paid for that replacement!zcardfile I haven’t inherited the organization gene to that extent, but I always thought it was pretty impressive that she had so much info at her fingertips.

filecabinetThese days, I figure I’m doing pretty well if I can keep the file cabinet from bulging too much with its receipts, important papers, and appliance manuals. If the drawers close – I’m happy.

As for lists??? I’m in a “do not need them” phase – except for my grocery list and a blog topics list. But you never know. I might be tempted to keep track of things next time the battery in my kitchen clock needs replacing. 😉



It’s On My List . . . — 7 Comments

  1. When I first retired 2 1/2 years ago, I made my To-Do-List into SIGNS. Signs for each room, taped to the doors and walls. Change shelf paper, caulk tub, oil squeak in drawer. Stuff like that. I had fun running to the list to cross off stuff. Hubby on the other hand didn’t find it amusing. “His” items lingered so long the pages curled. Eventually he did his chores. But only after I removed the signs. 😀

  2. Good Post!

    I NEVER want to be as organized as your Grandma, at home anyway. At work I have the program that keeps all the info I need, since I am a purchasing agent, I depend on it.

    I am a list maker at work. I have to live by it.

    At home, I make lists JUST LIKE YOU! OMG!

    Packing, definitely. Parties and entertaining..a must. For my daily chores? NOPE. If I can’t see it, it must not be important. There is a stack of bills that gets paid from the top down, new go on the bottom. See, no list.

  3. is there some way i could inherit your grandmother’s organizational skills? i could really use them…..

  4. I jot down items for grocery shopping as I think of them. Also, I jot down to-do things for my husband! Lists, lists and more lists!
    That’s me…..Cindi

  5. I have lists everywhere ,but mostly on my bedside table. I would be so lost if I didn’t have any. I write lists on my hand too.

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