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  1. I can think of so many subjects this can apply to. However, I choose labor…work…working conditions.

    My father worked in the steel mills when unions were being formed. He told us much about conditions before unions. I grew up knowing the value of a working in a union shop. As I grew older I saw how union membership got out of hand. I choose to talk about the better points of union membership. I live in an area where union organization is outlawed. Talk union in my shop…its in the handbook…you are fired. While our owner tries to be fair to all, there are discrepancies in pay that are unfair. Slackers have a job because they are members of the church the owner attends. And a few other things. On the other hand, I sometimes have preferential treatment because I am a “team player”.

    How does this apply to the Chinese Proverb?

    Our fathers worked hard to improve working conditions in this country, planting trees so to speak. The next generation was enjoying the shade of established work rules.

    Yes I am pro union (I know the cons) but being a liberal and civil/human rights advocate, I am for equal pay for equal work.

  2. Oh boy…tranquility is just the ultimate in peace…it’s like “swimming in peace” …like floating on water…and it involves pure beauty too like blossoms on Japanese trees in a painting.

  3. to me it means that just because you don’t see the results of your actions today doesn’t mean someone in the future won’t benefit from them.

  4. Great proverb
    This makes me think of technology and how it improves our quality of life
    And the hard work people endure for the better good

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