The Thrill Is Gone . . .

Don’t you just hate it when something you love is no longer for sale?

Maybe it’s the cereal that you reach for most often, or a shade of lipstick that you believe is “your” color, or even your favorite shampoo. One day you go to buy it and it’s GONE! Discontinued. No warning. lipstick

They say that humans hate change. This is never more apparent than when we’re suddenly forced to search for replacements for our old standby products. Looking for new favorites often involves a long trial and error period that I’m sure we’d all like to skip!

It occurs to me that a practical solution would be to have two favorites! Then if one were to be taken off the market, there would still be another “fave” in stock!

This would definitely reduce the pressure to find an immediate replacement, and less stress is, as Martha would say, “a good thing”. 😉



The Thrill Is Gone . . . — 3 Comments

  1. I am laughing. This post immediately brought to mind a couple of comedy shows that dealt this this subject. Peggy Bundy was an emotional mess because her favorite bra was discontinued. How bout Elaine on Seinfield when they discontinued the sponge and she had to determine if a guy was “sponge worthy”. No wonder one of my blogger friends says that I am KOOKY!

    For me, its jeans. Kmart sells Route 66. About 10 years ago I found boot cut, low rise, perfect fit jeans. I bought at least 7 pairs that are really wearing out now. They are a perfect fit for me. I am short waisted and have a hard time finding jeans that the waist doesn’t reach to bra level. They are really wearing out now. I was in a panic. Then I found U.S. Polo has a style that is a perfect fit if I put them in the washer on hot to shrink them. I had to go to every store in the area that sold them to find all I could in my size…they were already on clearance when I found them. Hopefully I am set for another 10 years. No kidding, I hate to lose a pound in case my jeans won’t fit and I have to start the hunt again!!

  2. I know what you mean! There was a certain eyeliner I used to buy. I can’t remeber the kind and they quit selling it. And there was chinese eggrolls i used to buy but they no longer sell. I was looking forward that day to eating some too. thanks

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