Giveaway – Midnight in Moscow Earrings

This week’s giveaway is a gorgeous pair of dangle earrings in classic earth tones of amber, dark brown and jet black!


Theyโ€™re made with Czech faux amber beads and Swarovski crystals in both Jet Black and also a very rich brown shade, called Jet Nut 2x. All of the findings are 14k gold filled, including the pretty earwires.

The long linear style is both chic and slimming!

Measurements: Approximately 2″ from top to bottom, including the 14k gold filled earwires.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

You have up to 4 chances to win . . .

1. Leave a comment with an answer to the question: What is your favorite cologne/perfume for women, or men, or both? That will give you one chance to win.

2. For a second chance to win, leave a second comment that answers the question: What is your most prized possession (not counting your family and friends)?

3. For a third chance to win, leave a comment that answers the question:
Do you prefer to occasionally buy one expensive clothing item that you keep for years, or instead – lots of lesser priced items that only last a season or two?

4. For a fourth chance to win, come back later in the week and leave a comment on any other post on this blog!

You can choose any one, or all, of the above chances to enter.

A valid email address must be given at time of entry. You must be 18 yrs. old.

The name of the winner will be listed here after the completion of the contest.

The winner will be notified by email, and the prize will be mailed by USPS First Class Mail. If no valid email address is given at time of entry, or if winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 02/22/09, and the winner will be selected on or about 02/23/09.

Thanks for participating and Good Luck to all! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Giveaway – Midnight in Moscow Earrings — 76 Comments

  1. My most prized possession – would SO not be my F&F in the first place. (Just kidding! I love you guys!)

    But… I would definitely not survive without a nice, looooong series (prefer one to do with weird freaky creatures… VAMPS!… But not Twilight…) and my mp4 player…which… can actually store ebooks, videos and jpeg files…

    Okay then, just my mp4. *Hugs*

  2. …Screw (‘scuse the language) fashion – be eco-friendly and wear leaves.

    But I suppose torturing trees really isn’t the answer…

  3. My favorite men’s cologne is Wild Country from Avon. I know it is an old scent and not a high priced one but I love it over any other.

  4. My prized procession is my cat “Gremlin”. He is the most loving cat I have ever met! He loves sleeping thru the night nestled next to me. He “bangs” on the door whenever we shut him out (I picture body slams!) of the bedroom. He was named thus because when we found him, his ears were much larger & out of proportion than the rest of him. He weighted about 1 1/2 lbs and was dropped off & left to starve. He has since made up for his starving days.

  5. My all time favorite cologne/perfume is Chantilly. You can buy it still at Walgreen’s! Burberry is my second favorite – what a price range!

  6. I’m very picky with perfume because I don’t like it very strong or sweet.
    Last year I found “My Desire” from Victoria’s Secret that I really like and it is very inexpensive . The bottle was small and it lasted less than a year. A couple months ago I learned that it was discontinued ๐Ÿ™
    I tried the new collections at the store, but ALL of them is sweet! >.<
    Luckily, I just found some on e-bay!

  7. I seem to buy less expensive pieces of clothing that lasts for only a season or too but my most prized/coveted articles of clothing are the more expensive ones that I can pull out year after year.

  8. I look for the quality and then for the price when shopping for clothes. And because it’s extremely difficult to find my size at outlet stores (several times I bought children’s clothes), I usually have to look at the more expensive stores.

  9. for #3 – i get the lesser priced ones because i love variety! (alternatively, i look for deals on ebay that can keep & get the best of both worlds!)

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