Mid-week scribbles . . .

Pins & Needles:
Am I the only one who is still finding a stray Christmas tree needle in . . . February!?! The crazy thing is that we have an artificial tree!!! It’s been put away for weeks now, and the room has been vacuumed several times since. But every few days, a needle appears out of the blue! For years we had a real tree and I expected plenty of needles then, but these artificial needles are something else again! They’re green paper with an almost static cling effect. They seem to want to hug the rugs, the floors, and even an occasional sock. Sheesh!

Say “Cheese”!
Did you know that smiling works both ways? We smile when we are happy – but the act of smiling can actually make us happy – even if we’re not at that moment. Smiling sends nerve impulses from the facial muscles to an emotional center in the brain, and those impulses push the neurochemical balance toward a feeling of contentment. So if you’re feeling kinda down – just smile!!! 🙂

She’ll Thank You!
A new Mom will be busy enough just before and after her baby is born, so when you throw her a baby shower, pick up a package of thank you cards, too. During the party, distribute the envelopes and ask each guest to self-address one! When the new Momma finally has a chance to sit down and write her thank yous – the envelopes will already be complete and she can focus on writing the cards!

Finally . . .
If you’re like me, you try to avoid having bacon too often because it’s not exactly a health food! But as good old Socrates used to say – “Everything in moderation!” So, I figure a little bacon occasionally is acceptable. The problem with bacon though, is the mess it makes when you cook it. I found a great solution – prepare it in the oven instead of frying. No more wall to wall grease in the kitchen!

Easy Way to Cook Bacon

~ Bake at 350º until nice and crispy. Keep an eye on it as cooking time will vary by oven used, desired crispness, and by the number of slices you are making. After your first attempt, you’ll know what works best for you.

~ When bacon is cooked to your liking, lower the oven temperature to 200º – to keep bacon warm until eggs are ready.

Tip: During the “keeping warm” time, place bacon on end slices of bread and much of the grease will be absorbed by the time the eggs are done. Soon after you’ll be announcing: “Breakfast is served!”


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Mid-week scribbles . . . — 5 Comments

  1. WHAT?!?!? BACON IS NOT HEALTHY???? Who told you that? Let me go punch em out! I’ll act like you never told me that, K? The smell of bacon wakes my youngest grandchild up before I even get it in the oven. Yep, been cooking bacon in the oven for years. Saw that trick on Martha Stewart before I took a total dislike for her.

    So yes, we eat it regularly with NO moderation. But on a positive note we don’t eat much red meat, but we eat a lot of pasta, but then, we eat a lot of veggies and fruit, but I drink a gallon of coffee a day, but I drink a glass of water..or does the water in coffee count?

    Man you got me started this morning. LOL

    Have a great day Sis.

  2. Speaking of smiles did you know Vitamin D actually makes you happy? People sometimes get down in the cold months because they don’t get enough sunshine and Vitamin D! Because of my ripe old age of 55 the doctor put me on calcium tablets. He recently added Vitamin D because it helps your body absorb the calcium. I’m not a depressed person but this Vitamin D is amazing. I find myself walking around with a smile on my face for no apparent reason. Try it for yourself!

  3. I loved this post of yours. We just ate a ton of bacon on Wed. morning and it was delicious. I know it’s not healthy and we only eat it every few months but it’s oh so yummy. I also loved your writing about smiling. Last week I was at the grocery store and I always love talking to the checkout people because they practically know me since I”m there so often, but this person was new, a high school student who wasn’t much for talking. I could tell that I had brightened her day and the entire day I thought about her. Smiling is soo contagious and can only do a world of good!

  4. We too have an artificial Christmas tree – haven’t found any stray needles though. I tried to convince the family (all male) that we should just leave it up all year and decorate it for each holiday and season – they didn’t go for it.

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