Throwback Thursday 2

Hey Kids!
I’m back with a new edition of Throwback Thursday.

Shall we take another quick stroll down memory lane? 😉


Potholder Loom with Cotton Jersey Loops!

Did you make these when you were a kid?
OMG! My sisters and I imagined we’d become big time entrepreneurs as we created dozens of colorful potholders that seemed to fly off the loom!


Woolworth’s 5 and 10 Cent Store

Gosh, I can almost smell the apple pie and other delicacies that were always cookin’ behind the refreshment counter of our local Woolworth’s! Shopping was hard work and that delicious aroma made it awfully hard to resist stopping for a bite . . . or at least a Coca Cola! Our store had a little shelf, just under the counter, where you could place your purchases while you snacked!


Avon Calling


When I was about 7 yrs old, my Mom was an Avon Representative. Seeing all of the girly, glamorous, wonderful things she carried in her over-the-shoulder selling case surely made an impression on me. I loved all of it – so much so that when my own kids were young – you guessed it! – I became an Avon Lady, too! It’s funny how I remember the names of the fragrances and lipstick – Moonwind, Charisma, Topaz, and Pink-a-ling!




Oh how I’ve always loved a pretty barrette! As a child, my hair was long so besides being decorative – barrettes were a necessary part of getting dressed in the morning. Now that I’m a bead seller, specializing in vintage, I realize that my little barrettes were actually made of “Lucite”!


Dixie Cups


Although, today, they’re often considered a wasteful use of resources and not very good for the environment, there was a time when fancy little paper cups seemed a fun novelty! In an era without dishwashers – serving a cold drink to a bunch of neighborhood kids on a hot summer day was infinitely easier with a Dixie Cup dispenser!



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Throwback Thursday 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Man, you remember EVERYTHING. The dimestores were the BEST. Much better than the dollar stores today. Just the other day I saw a commercial for Walgreen’s Drug Store…It was a throwback to a 50s ad. It brought back memories of trips downtown on the bus to go shopping with my mom. We always stopped at Walgreens for lunch. My favorite thing to order was a breaded veal cutlet with mashed potatoes and gravy. I still love to shop downtown instead of the mall, but sadly we drive to Chicago because there are just no downtowns around anymore.
    Have a great day.
    xx, Carol

  2. Wow, Carol!
    I know just how you feel about the loss of the “downtowns”. I miss so many of the little shops that we used to visit before they were put out of business by the malls and the big stores.

    Your Walgreens lunch sounds delish! 🙂 xo

  3. I had the potholder loom, and it kept me busy and out of my mom’s hair. Walgreen’s was in our local mall, and we always stopped there because it had the cheapest prices for lunch. My aunt had the Dixie cup dispenser and I thought it was the coolest thing. I loved spending the night and using the cups after brushing my teeth.
    I was at the local drug store the other day, they are having a going out of business sale, they just cannot compete with Walgreen’s and Walmart. Its sad! I will miss the personalized attention that I receive from them.

  4. Greetings Kelly,
    I’m wondering if the potholder loops you had were a stretchy cotton? They worked so well!

    By the time my kids were making potholders – the loops that were available were made of nylon and they didn’t stretch well across the loom. The potholders came out smaller, too. Luckily, my kids didn’t seem to notice but when I would help them I could see that those new loops were of a lesser quality.
    🙂 xo!

  5. Crystal, what a great walk down memory lane! I sold a bit of Avon myself for about a year a long time ago, but I found I was buying more than I was selling!…I can’t remember ever having one of those looms, but I remember playing with one. Maybe it was my girlfriend’s loom…I miss Woolworths. I love a store where there’s a little bit everything AND a place to have a yummy snack too! xoxo

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