A Soft Spot for the Clever Crafts

Honestly Kids,
If I live to be a hundred – I’ll never get through the list of things I’d like to make. 😀

Maybe I’d have a chance if my list weren’t constantly growing, but there’s inspiration everywhere, and with the rise of internet – the possibilities seem endless!


In my heart, I’ve always had a soft spot for the clever, quirky, type of crafts. You know – stuff that’s made with unexpected materials or with an unusual process. I’ll never forget the “fried marbles” project when I was a young Girl Scout! We all stared in amazement when our troop leader actually tossed marbles into a frying pan! Back then; it was oh-so-popular to turn them into pendants!

~Scarf Necklace~

Last week, I finally had a chance to make an ingenious item that I’d first seen over a year ago – a “scarf-necklace” made from a T-shirt! Talk about easy and so much fun! No sewing or special skills involved – just grab a pair of scissors and an over-sized cotton t-shirt from your closet.

Here’s the one I used – originally bought to wear as a beach cover-up, but the neckline is so high that it’s uncomfortable on a hot day, so I’ve hardly ever worn it.

I’ll include a link (below) to a youtube video tutorial but basically you lay the shirt flat and cut the area just under the arms, through both thicknesses.

You’ll end up with a fairly wide tube of fabric, which you’ll then cut into 1” wide strips. The strips have raw edges but no worries! After you vigorously stretch each strip – those raw edges will fold into themselves and be hidden.


Here’s a 1″ strip after it’s been fully stretched. It looks like a smooth continuous piece of cord.


Once you’ve cut and stretched all the strips – you’ll have a handful of “cords”. Tie the whole bunch together with a short length of T-shirt fabric (cut from a sleeve). Then, the sky’s the limit on how to wear this chic little number! Try it long… like this!

Or you could double it – the way you do with a long strand of beads.

Or even tripled for a choker effect!

Add a brooch, silk flowers, or handmade embellishments to spice up your new accessory.

Fun! And just think – you’re recycling, too!


Want to make one? Take a peek on youtube for dozens of variations and styles. Here are a couple to get you started.




A Soft Spot for the Clever Crafts — 9 Comments

  1. Very Cool! The pin makes it perfect.
    Stay warm….50’s are in our forecast for next week so they are coming your way.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thanks Carol! 🙂
    I’ve added another photo – of the doubled version. I think that’s my favorite way to wear it!

    And, we’ll take your 50’s. The single digits we have here are getting to be a little too – Brrrrrrrr! 😉 xo

  3. I think I could even manage this one. I will have to try it on an old t-shirt. This semester I have to create an ABC book, for my children’s literacy class. I’m very excited and glad that 20 years in the printing industry helps me understand how to do it.

  4. Wow, Kelly!
    Creating a children’s book sounds like a fun project. 😀
    I know it will be a lot of work, too, but the creating process will be exciting! Between your experience in the printing industry and your dedication to everything you attempt – I know your book will be top notch – an “A” for sure!!! xo

  5. Even I thought that was a neat craft. I sent it to my 15 year old granddaughter, she’s really into scarfs and wears them to school everyday. I feel like trying a single strand myself, not to wear!!!

    We may break a record on Tuesday with 65 degrees here in Grove City, OH.

  6. How cool is that! I’ve got a couple of t-shirts I’d love to cut up and recycle. Thanks for the fun idea Crystal! By the way, I love how yours turned out. Very pretty and so versatile!

    Hope you’re staying warm in your part of the country. It’s SO cold over here in the Northwest. Getting lots more snow too…it’s a winter wonderland outside and that’s why I’m hybernating inside. LOL

  7. Hey there, Sir Beads’ Brother! 🙂
    I think you would have fun making one of these for one of the ladies in your family! It’s amazing how the strands just pop into shape when you stretch them! Sweet of you to send the link to your granddaughter, too!

    Enjoy the Spring temps – even if they are fleeting… xoxo!

  8. That is so cool!! And pretty.

    Looks like I missed your giveaway. Such pretty earrings. Kelly is going to love them.

    I have a suggestion, though late as it is, but I would like to see you do something you haven’t done yet on your blog. How about macrame? Now that would be something!! 😀 Macrame is making a comeback. It is THE most clicked on and searched for topic on my blog.

    How much snow did you get? Hope you aren’t snowed in. Try to stay warm.

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