Easy Peasy Beading

I’ve had requests for “beginner” bead projects – simple things that can be accomplished without any beading experience.

This morning, it occurred to me that Make somethin’ Monday is just the place to showcase a basic design.

In my view, the easiest thing to make is a bookmark. All you need are a few beads, maybe a little charm, and some cord that’s narrow enough to fit through the holes.

If you can tie a knot, you can make this. 😀

No pliers, no wire-wrapping, no crimping needed! The beads and the little froggy all stay in place with a just few double knots! Play with different arrangements of your components before you string them to arrive at a design that pleases you most. Then, tie a knot at each end to hold the beads on, and again at the top of each grouping of beads to keep them in place on the string! See? I told ya it was easy! 🙂

With the holidays approaching, you could make a whole bunch of these for gifts – and the best part is you won’t have to worry if they’ll fit the lucky recipient or coordinate with her wardrobe! 😉

If you choose beads and charms in holiday colors and themes, this very simple design could quickly become a sparkling ornament to drape around the branches of a Christmas tree!

Please note! Glass beads and small components of any kind should not be left where small children might have access to them!




Easy Peasy Beading — 5 Comments

  1. I have one of your bookmarks which inspired me to make a few for gifts. I like the idea of making ornaments like this too! You’re so CREATIVE!!
    xx, Carol

  2. So cute… and simple!!

    I had to laugh, at myself, as I scrolled up and down looking for your directions. LOL!! Duh!!

  3. Oh WOW, I can even make one of these. I have some cute dog and dog bone beads and I never knew what to do with them. They will make cute book marks for my dog group. Thank you for showcasing a project for those of us who are craft challenged.

    Getting ready for the Canine Games this weekend. Artie will have a blast doing the lure and agility courses. Kouga’s favorite thing is the dog park. Now, I’m crossing my fingers hoping for good weather.

  4. What a GREAT idea! I can think of a few readers on my list who would totally love one of these! Thank you, Crystal. Your beautiful creations always inspire me! xoxo

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