Fun in the City

Sir Beads and I are just back from a mini-vacation!

I’ve been wanting to share it with you, but first I had to try and organize the photos and descriptions into a reasonably concise tale. 😉

Here goes . . .

It all began with a “getaway” gift card . . .

Actually, it was a present for our 40th wedding anniversary, which was last summer!

I know. I know!

We really did plan to spend it sooner but you know how weeks can sometimes turn into months in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, we finally decided it was high time we had some fun and off we went!

Since it was to be an “anniversary celebration”, we decided to return to the scene of the crime – Boston, Massachusetts – the city where we met and fell in love.

There was no question of where to stay. Several years ago we discovered The Custom House and were totally enchanted by it. I made reservations and all that was left was some light packing.

This gorgeous building (the tall one) is currently a hotel/timeshare property, but it’s roots lie deep in the history of Boston.

The Custom House was established in the 17th century and stood near the Boston waterfront in several successive locations through the years. In 1837, President Andrew Jackson authorized the construction of the current building. The bottom section was completed in 1849. After the tall tower was added in 1915, it became Boston’s very first skyscraper! It’s beautiful inside and out. Great attention to detail and reverence for its history are evident at every turn.

We arrived mid-afternoon and were assigned to a lovely “villa” on one of the higher floors. The bedroom was charming.

And a peek out the window was nice, too.

There was storage space galore.

No need to have breakfast out! The kitchen was well equipped. There were plates, glasses and flatware, too!

And a comfortable place to enjoy a meal.

What’s behind these doors? 😉

All the necessities . . .

A quick glimpse of the powder room!

And the cozy living room – just the place to curl up after strolling through the city.

We took off our shoes, had a cold drink, and brainstormed regarding our restaurant choices for dinner!

The fun was just beginning. 🙂

To be continued




Fun in the City — 4 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your mini-trip. Sounds like and looks like you two had a great time.

  2. What a lovely suite with a fab view. I think I’m gonna be jealous when this story continues. I can’t even remember what we did for our 40th, but then any day with T is good for me.

    I’m really going to enjoy seeing the sights around Boston, since I have never been there.
    Gosh Sis…its almost 41!!
    xx, Carol

  3. I cannot wait for the rest of the photos. I love old, historic buildings. The view of the harbour is wonderful. Hopefully, your dinner was as great as the start of your mini vacation.

    When we went to Beatrice, Nebraska a few weeks ago, we toured the old courthouse that Laura Ingalls Wilder talked about in her diaries. It is a truly beautiful courthouse that has been restored.

    I entered and won, a mini vacation to St. Joseph, Missouri. The package arrived today complete with passes to the Pony Express museum. It will be a nice weekend and I’m thinking a great way to celebrate after I get finished with my summer classes.

  4. ooh Crystal…what a lovely place! What a lovely gift!!! I look forward to hearing about your trip as well. Boston looks so charming. 🙂 xo Paulette

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