It truly is the thought that counts . . .

Remember when you were a little kid and you made a card or gift in school?

Usually, there was colorful construction paper involved.

Among your tools, you probably had blunt edge scissors, some sort of glue or paste, paints, brushes, crayons, scraps of tissue paper, glitter, and perhaps a paper doily or two?

Wasn’t it kind of exciting to be creating those first works of “art”?

Personally, I feel sure my creative spirit was born during those early projects. I also believe it was the time I first recognized that making a present for someone you love is a gift for yourself, as well. 😀

Recently, I was reminded of those early attempts at designing something pretty. It was a week before Mother’s Day and I’d been wracking my brain trying to come up with a gift for my Mum. I visited the mall and scanned the online stores but nothing called out to me. I wanted something different, not the usual Mother’s Day fare.

I made one decision…. No jewelry! I’ve made jewelry for her on many occasions – Christmas, birthdays, previous Mother’s Days, etc.

Flowers seemed too standard.

Not a new handbag – been there, done that, too.

Well, time was getting short and I was beginning to get a little panicky. It was funny, though. The more I thought about Mother’s Day – the more my mind flooded with memories of making those little gifts in school as a child.

Suddenly, it hit me that I should stop stressing. I reminded myself that, in the end, it really is the thought that counts. Then, it occurred to me that even though I’ve made jewelry for my mother, I’ve never made a pendant!

I searched through my beads and found her favorite color – rose! Then I added her birthstone – pearls. I did a little beadweaving and slipped the finished piece on a sterling silver chain.

Next, I needed a clever way to present the gift. Again, I chose her color and made a tiny little handbag. The pendant just fit, but something was missing. It needed a little pop of adornment so I crocheted a rose to top it off. (Flowers and Mother’s Day do go together after all.) 😉

To say that I enjoyed making this gift would be an understatement. It truly was a delight.

But I’m sure you can guess the best part of all . . .

I think she really liked it! 😀




It truly is the thought that counts . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks, Donna!
    The crocheted roses are addictive. I’ve made a bunch of them. 🙂
    The pendant is a purchased pattern. Will look up the link and send it to you!

  2. Thank you!! I really like it.

    OK.. question for you… which craft do you like best of all that you do? 😀

  3. Donna, 🙂
    Oh wow! That is a tough question!!! lol
    It would be easier to name a “top 10”! Let me think about it ….
    Might be a good blog post! 😉

    (Can you choose your fave?)

  4. Whatever I am crafting at the moment, I think I love IT best. And then when I switch to something else and say the same thing. LOL!!

    I love them all. If I had to select based on wear and tear on my hands, I would say sewing/quilting, beading, crochet and macrame. In that order. After a week of macrame, my hands look like I have been working in a steel wool factory. All cut up. 😀

  5. Well darnit! I was almost done with my comment, and I hit some strange button on my laptop and it disappeared. So…lets try this again.

    First, I don’t know how I missed your wonderful post. The pendant is just stunning and the lil handbag is SO pretty! What a sweet gift you made for your Mom. Mom and I don’t have a relationship. It’s something I’ve wanted with her all of my life, but I know it will never happen. Anyway, My Mother-in-law (Flo) stepped up and took the place of being my Mom. I was the daughter she never had, (she had 5 boys!) and she was the Mom I needed. She passed away a few years ago, and I miss her so much. But…she gave me the wonderful gift of herself and I finally got to experience that daughter and Mom relationship that I wanted so badly. Anyway, I made jewelry all the time for Flo, birthdays, holidays, and just because. She was always so overjoyed. To me, a handmade gift is the best gift of all….it comes from your heart, and you did a great thing by making your Mom something beautiful. 🙂

  6. Oh Brenda!
    That has happened to me – losing a long post or note I’ve just written before I can “save” it or hit the “send” button. It’s almost enough to make me want to lay my head on the keyboard and sob, sometimes! lol

    I’m so happy to hear that you had a dear Mother-in-law. Flo sounds like a sweetheart! I’m sure she was thrilled to have a girl to confide in and share girly things with!! Sons are wonderful, but I think a mother really needs some girls in her life – be they daughters-in law, nieces, or granddaughters. It sounds as if you cherished her and that the feeling was mutual. Lucky, lucky both of you! 😀

  7. Crystal, I hear you on wanting to lay your head on the keyboard and just sob! I never can figure out what key I hit to make it all disappear either. LOL!

    Thank you for the sweet words about my Flo. We really did enjoy the times we had together. And I know what you mean about a Mother needing a girl in her life for girl stuff that only us girls know about. 😉 That’s why I’m so thankful to have my sweet daughter-in-law. 🙂

  8. This is just too precious for words! I’m sure your Mom LOVED it! xo Paulette 🙂

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