Books Bargains Bliss

Do you love a bookstore?

I do.

I’ve been known to forget where I am and lose all sense of time in a bookstore. If my family should ever worry that I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth . . . a search party will probably find me contentedly perusing the shelves of a bookstore.

Sadly, several in our area have recently closed and it breaks my heart. Sure, there’s amazon and all the other online venues, but to me that’s not enough. I love the experience of browsing – in person.

Just before the holidays, when the Borders Bookstores around here were in their final weeks, there were “clearance” sales. At first, they were nothing to get excited about – 10% off, some at 25% off. Frankly, those are everyday prices on amazon so I wasn’t too tempted to go on a wild shopping spree. The clerks did say that the prices would drop further as time went by, so I made a point of visiting the store a few weeks later but there seemed to be very little left. I was, however, happy to scoop (at 60% off) a couple of sentimental favorites from my youth.

(These were among the books I borrowed from the library on the very day my mother first allowed me to travel there by bus – solo!)

Anyway, I figured I was lucky to get such a good deal on the “Little House” books, and then promptly put the Borders Bookstore and its closing sale out of my mind for good, or so I thought. As fate would have it, a couple of weeks later, we needed something at the mall. When we strolled past the Borders, we saw huge signs that read: “Last Day!”

I was actually surprised to see the store still open – but obviously it would only be for a few more hours. We went inside. The shelves were incredibly sparse. In fact, most were totally empty. The employees had consolidated all of the stock to the front of the store. The titles, subjects, and categories were in no particular order, but everything was 95% off!!!

Would there be anything in that pile of remainders that was worth taking – even for pennies? Well, you just know I was determined to find out. 😉 It was sort of a treasure hunt with a lot of clunkers in the mix. I persevered and claimed 7 for my own – some of which were unfamiliar but seemed promising during a quick flip-through.

They’re certainly an eclectic mix! (One has been tucked away as a surprise gift for a friend so it’s not in the pile.) Currently, I’m in the middle of the top one, “Waiting” and it’s quite charming. I just love having this little stack waiting for me whenever I’m ready. And the price was so incredibly good! You may be wondering about the grand total spent once the discount was applied???

(click this photo for a slightly larger view)

Can you believe it? I left with an armful of books for $7.76!

I was smiling for the rest of the day. 😀

Don’t you just love a bargain?




Books Bargains Bliss — 10 Comments

  1. OMGosh, Yes I love books. I’m almost embarrassed to bring more in the house…but I overcome that fast. There aren’t many book stores left in our area. Barnes and Noble is at the mall. BUT..we have Better World Books right here in Mishawaka Indiana. Please go to their web site the next time you want a book and consider them rather than Amazon. Go to the site and read about them and sign up for their news letters that tell you of sales. New or used..they have the best prices and even if they are equal to Amazon, their mission is important.

    Ok. Off the soap box. Congrats on your steals!!
    I recently got THE WOLF GIFT which I am eager to start reading this weekend.
    Happy Easter!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Way to go Crystal. I love bargains and I love to shop. I love thrift and consignment shops. I bought a basket today that had Dresden style ceramic handles ($1.00) and I found a square cigar box that someone had changed to a purse ($4.00). I’m thinking the little square purse could hold perfumes or lotions or something in the bed or bath room. Any ideas?

  3. Crystal, you really did have a great shopping day at Borders!

    And I did check out Carol’s bookstore web site, they sure have raised lots of money for World’s literacy.

    I’ll have to admit I’ve never been much of a reader other than the daily newspaper and a few magazines. That is until I received my iPad this past Christmas. I’ve read several books now and seem to enjoy reading on this device. I’ve even sampled some books on the iPad. Hey, you only get 40 pages or so, but it’s free!!! They were the type of books that wouldn’t have a surprise ending. I guess I’m part of the reason Borders is no longer around.

    Speaking of books, we enjoyed “The Hunger Games” movie.

  4. Hi Clenna!
    I always love to hear about the bargains you find. 🙂
    I think your idea for the little square purse is PERFECT! How adorable it would look holding lotions, perfumes, or even fancy soaps!

    Have fun with the grand-kids on Sunday! I am guessing there will be Easter eggs! 🙂

  5. Hey there, Sir Beads’ Brother
    I have “sampled” books on my Kindle!
    It really helps me decide if I really want to buy the book or not. I figure if I’m not hooked after 40 pages, then it’s not a book for me. 😉

    Sending big hugs to all the family! Talk to you soon xoxo 😀

  6. That is such a good deal for books!!!!

    I love books and book bargains – I am such a book hoarder. I’m reading about 15 books right now…slowly but surely. I bought Hunger Games and read more than 50 pages while I waited for my sweetie to finish working out – it is good! I cannot wait to see the movie afterwards.

    We used to have a Waldenbooks in our mall that would have bins filled with discounted books. They had good ones too – like those really big art books. Well then, the company went out of business and Waldenbooks disappeared. I was so sad to see Borders go – they had nice book bins too. At least, Barnes and Nobles still does a nice clearance bin sometimes. Also, if you have an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, they have nice books sometimes- good prices for the oversized books.

    I love browsing used book stores too. There is always a treasure waiting. We have a really large one here that sells games, records, DVDs and other vintage treats, like postcards. I can get lost in that store, but have to leave after a bit because I start itching. I ALWAYS leave their with some sort of red mark or bump. The store must be covered in dust mites or something.

  7. Hi Yona,
    What a great comment! 🙂
    I had a feeling you would be a book lover because you are such a wonderful writer!
    You poor kid though regarding the bump or marks you have after that particular bookstore.

    And, you are amazing to keep track of 15 books – at once! How do you keep all the characters straight?

  8. I like to read but with the intensity of these classes I have been only reading text books. I did get to read a few Christmas books last year, and they are my favorite types of books.

  9. Hi Kelly!
    I figured you must be up to your ears in studying! Keep us posted on how you are doing whenever you can. Will you have the summer semester off? I hope so!
    Sending Hugs! 🙂

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