Monday Memo

Let’s hear about your holiday weekend, Kids!

Did you have a Thanksgiving feast?

Did you shop ’til you dropped on Black Friday?

Here at Bead Happily, we did the first and skipped the second! πŸ˜‰

Let’s see…. I have two topics today.

First: I would like your thoughts about the next Bead Challenge.

a. Should we wait until after the holidays? We’re just about in December now, and I fear that schedules will already be stretched to the limit without having extra assignments! So, I’m wondering if January would the best time to begin the second challenge?

b. Is there a bead in my shop that you think would make a great “challenge bead“?
(Even the non-beaders might want to offer opinions on this!)

Second: Changing the subject now . . .

You know me – I love a QUICK craft project! Quick is really all I have time for these days.

Who knew having a retired husband would leave me with less hours than I had when my kids were little?!? Ok, I’m exaggerating, but it IS a different kind of schedule, lately! (I wouldn’t change a thing, though.)

But back to the project . . .

I loved making this crocheted flower scarf! Don’t they look like little pansies?

And it’s always fun to whip up a pair of matching earrings!

This scarf has an artsy, whimsical, look that really appeals to me. I’m thinking it would look great paired with a light-weight turtleneck sweater.

You can find the pattern here.

‘Til next time,




Monday Memo — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I love those little flowers and I’m thinking I could do a lot of things with them. They look easy. I like the colors you chose. Did you use yarn or thread. Spill it sis!

    I’m not making jewelry right now, but I love to see what everyone does with your beads.

    Today is my first day back to work. I have been recuping and really took a back seat to the holiday meal. We did Black Friday a little. My biggest score was Hancock Fabrics.
    xx, Carol

  2. Hi Carol πŸ™‚
    I used yarn. It was a leftover skein of variegated worsted weight that I had in my stash. When I first saw the pattern, I wanted to buy some thread or maybe even a delicate yarn for it. I just couldn’t wait to go to the store, though, and ended up searching through yarn I already had. Glad I did because the worsted weight worked well!

  3. The wife and I have had it a little easier the last four years concerning our Thanksgiving meal. Our daughter-in-law has been the main chef and has done a fine job. My wife made two pumpkin and two chocolate pies, plus a holiday jello salad that my Mother made every year. And our daughter brings a dish or two, too. So we had plenty of food to enjoy in the midst of being thankful for all that this country has to offer.

    I also want to tell all who entered the contest what a wonderful job you did! I was really impressed. I even checked out all the web sites. I didn’t realize all you creative Beaders were out there.

    No Black Friday shopping for us, we have in the past.

    Crystal, I’ll put my two cents worth in, make the next challenge in January. Those Vintage Czech Glass Beads are nice.

    Sure would like to see Crystal’s yarn stash!

  4. My sister would love the scarf. Great colors too.

    Thanksgiving was a little rough this year. My grandfather passed away so there was quite a bit of chaos.

    As for the bead challenge. You could do one now and one later. The people who are too stretched for the holidays could skip to the next one and those people like me who are family-free (other than my twin sister anyway) and obligation free (other than work) this holiday season could do the one now.

    Ideas for a challenge from your shop….. Comes back from looking.

    Maybe one of these?

    – Twist

  5. Hi Twist
    I’m so very sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    Thank you for weighing-in on the bead challenge, and especially for taking the time to select several bead choices! It’s very helpful for me to hear which beads catch your creative attention!

  6. Greetings Sir Beads’ Brother
    Welcome back! πŸ˜‰
    Your Thanksgiving sounds delicious! Isn’t it fabulous when the kids get old enough to take over some of the holiday responsibility!?! I love that you continue to have the holiday jello salad that your (and Sir Beads’) Mom used to make. Everything she cooked, baked, knit, or sewed was wonderful. I miss her so!

    Maybe there will be a future post showing the yarn stash. Thanks for the idea! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh Crystal….

    A valentine version of your scarf in hearts would be adorable. But I meant how about a red bead challenge. Something for Valentine’s Day that we could make in January and get the results submitted to you right before. Do you have a lot of red beads? I saw some at your site. Just a suggestion. I will go with whatever you select. I had a great time making my bracelet.

    Hey, Sir Beads’ Brother. Wow!! Thanks so much for your comments on our work. I didn’t have much jewelry to show in my Etsy shop. My jewelry is at a different site. Maybe Crystal will post it so you can see.

    Crystal says:
    Donna’s new link is now next to her beautiful bracelet in the Results Day – Bead Design Challenge post! πŸ™‚

  8. The scarf is adorable. I don’t crochet very well, but I’m going to ask a friend to help me make this. I think it’s great that Sir Beads Brother comments here! It adds to the discussion to hear from men and women.

  9. I know I’m chiming in late here…sorry bout that.
    No shopping for me, but I’m glad I made a couple of sales. πŸ™‚
    I’d like to echo Donna’s idea about doing a Valentine challenge. It would give plenty of time for participants to make their designs and get their pics done.

    I love the whimsy scarf Crystal! I could see it as a necklace too. SO pretty!
    Have a wonderful day!

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