Santa is that you?

Merry Christmas! 🙂

“Oh my goodness!
What in the world is Crystal yakking about now?
It’s MARCH and she’s wishing us a Merry Christmas????
Poor thing, she has totally lost it.”


No worries, Kids! It was Christmas on Saturday. At least it was for my extended family.

You see, last December we were all set to have our annual holiday gathering when suddenly there was a major blizzard. We had to postpone, and it was tough to find a new date!

When you’re trying to get about 25 people together on the same day (besides Christmas) – it’s just not easy! The kids go back to college, the parents are tied up with work schedules, and then there might be vacation trips to consider. March 19th became the day that most could attend. I KNOW – in the spring!

But, let me tell you, it was delightful. Sure, there was no tree, nor any Christmas decorations, but that seemed to magnify the beauty of the wrapped gifts!

In addition to secret santa gifts, we had our traditional “yankee swap”, which was the fun-filled, my-sides-hurt-from-laughing kind of event that it always is – even more so – if that’s possible. I swear there’s a comedic gene in this family! We all have a bit of it.

Delicious food is part of our gatherings, but we know it’s the love that really nourishes us. When the day ended, we all felt very blessed as we said our goodbyes and headed home.

And now I can testify from actual experience . . .

If your Christmas ever needs to be pushed off until the Spring – or later – don’t worry about a thing! It’s not the date that counts; it’s the people. 😀


How was your weekend?




Santa is that you? — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you had a great time and that the Christmas spirit was alive and well in March. Anytime I can get together with loved ones and friends I feel blessed. We had 4 of our closest friends over Saturday night for dominos. We decided to keep it simple and order pizza, but I did make garlic bread and another friend brought cupcakes. I think I could feed this group nothing but garlic bread and they would be happy.
    On Sunday hubs and I went for a ride on the Harleys to welcome spring, and the weather was wonderful with temps in the low 80’s.
    I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

    Today’s celebrations include:
    21: Spring Fairy Fun Day
    21: National Common Courtesy Day (unfortunately this isn’t so common anymore) I’m glad we celebrate it on this blog!
    21: California Strawberry Day
    21: National French Bread Day (incase you missed submarine day you get another shot at it)

  2. Good Morning!!
    Crissie you are soo off the hook!! I saw those candy canes in my blog roll and I thought man, that Crystal is reeeeealy pushing it ~lol~ not really..but I wondered!

    Nice that you all got together. Our families don’t do that much anymore. But my one brother-in-law has several yard parties throughout the summer and everyone usually shows up so that makes up for it. Big elaborate parties with karoke and lots of noise. Good thing we all live in the same neighborhood.

    Kellie..thank you, I celebrated National Quilt Day, which I mentioned to a couple of people that had never heard of it. Anyway, I worked on a block in honor of the day!

    Today, I choose to celebrate National Common Courtesy Day because, yes, there is not enough of it to go around anymore.

    You all have a great day!
    xx, Carol

  3. Wow thats wonderful,im sure it was even more special for being at an unusual time:)

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