Wardrobe TLC

Ah, I remember years ago when I worked in an office and could afford to update my wardrobe every season!

That was then. These days, not only is the budget for clothes smaller, but I really don’t need as much. I try to keep the things I have looking nice as long as possible and just add a good quality “basic” to my closet, once in a while.

There’s a double benefit in doing so – I spend less, and it’s greener!

For this week’s Lucky Seven, I have:

7 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer:

1. Wear an apron!
Of course we’re liberated, but if cooking splatters are about to ruin your good shirt – cover up!

2. Button, button!
If a button is hanging by a thread, you’re probably about to lose it . . . forever! Sew it back on right away, and while you’re at it – check to see if any of the others are loose!

On the other hand, nothing perks up a tired looking jacket like a set of jazzy new buttons. Go ahead and get the pricey ones. It will cost much less than buying a new jacket!

3. Upside-down
Yes, it’s a pain, but spend a few minutes turning your clothes inside-out and zipping all the zippers before putting everything into the washer. Your reward will be less “pilling” and snagging, and outfits that look new longer!

4. Read before you buy!
When shopping, read those care tags and be realistic about whether or not you are actually going to hand wash, dry clean, or iron. Clothes that spend time waiting for special care are not a good use of your clothing allowance.

5. Cold Water
Opt for a cold or cool water wash. It’s not only better for most of your clothes but you’ll save money on hot water and be greener in the bargain.

6. Don’t Step on My Blue Suede …
Take care of your shoes! When you get home after a long day, pop into your slippers and treat your shoes to a quick wipe with a damp cloth – especially in winter when they may have salt/ice melt on them. Shoes will look newer and last longer if the grime is kept at bay.

7. Accessorize!
We all know it – accessories breathe life into your clothes closet. They’re the best wardrobe-stretchers ever invented!





Wardrobe TLC — 6 Comments

  1. You are so right about the cooking splatters. If I had a dollar for every shirt ruined by flying grease, I would be rich. And the cost of spot removers adds up when an apron will do the trick. I have been known to throw a dish towel up to my neck in a pinch.

    Regarding shoes… I am bad!! I never polish my shoes. But I do wipe the snow/salt off my boots. I HATE the white rim stains and they are so hard to remove. Hubby, on the other hand, wouldn’t be caught dead with unshined shoes. He is one of those “shine daily” guys.

    Thanks for the tip on turning clothes inside out before washing. I NEVER do that. But I do empty pockets and zip zippers.

    Great tips!!

  2. Empty pockets!! I keep telling KY to empty his pockets. I have never had to worry about Terry doing it so I USED to forget to check the boys pockets. Ky is the worst offender. Many times I have rescued his phone. Occasionally I miss a stick of gum. Do you know how many pockets some of these guy’s jeans have!! Do you know how to clean gum off the inside of your dryer? Acetone or Awesome (incidently its the BEST thing on the market for grease clean-up and can be found at the $1 store).

    O, sorry, keeping clothes looking good. Great tips Crissie.
    Have a great day. I suppose you’re prettttyyyyy happy about the recent change in the weather.
    xx, Carol

  3. I am a shopaholic – I love to buy especially if it’s on sale. I love to go ‘thrifting’ – visiting consignment shops. In fact I leave tomorrow for TN to visit my daughter-in-law and to go shopping at one of Chattanooga’s biggest thrift shop sales! It’s held in a warehouse and is so much fun. I’ll even bring an empty suitcase so I can fill it up!!!!

  4. Crystal,
    I could not figure out how to get back into the Candy Corn post to comment. As the very happy winner – who has now received the earrings want to say —–

    The candy corn earrings are marvelous. Wonderful colors, great interpretation, and fine craftsmanship. Thank you so very much.

    Hugs and more thanks,

  5. I have used Rit dye to save a stained shirt. Sometimes I can dye it all over again and it looks new. Dawn works great on splattered grease, I do it right away. I have never thought about zippers and turning clothes inside out, that is a great tip thank you so much.

    I understand about guys and their pockets, I cannot tell you how many tools I have washed and tape measures seem to be the biggest offenders.

  6. Very good tips, Crystal! I usually change into my comfy “house clothes” when I come inside, but wearing an apron more often would even keep them looking better! xo Paulette

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