Past Treasures

Tuesday Greetings, Kids!

Hope you’re in a nice cool spot.

And an ice cream bar couldn’t hurt, right? 😉

Did you notice I answered yesterday’s comments right in the comment section of yesterday’s post?

(Make up your mind, Crystal. Sometimes you email, sometimes you comment – c’mon!)

I know . . . I should stick to one or the other.

Today’s link is to an article where I encourage you to wear and share any “family” costume jewelry that has been passed down to you.

There are suggestions for updating well-worn pieces. Even if you decide you don’t want to fix them yourself – you can always have a beader or a jeweler take on the project for you!

Click below to read the article.

Past Perfect… Refurbishing Grandma’s Bling!




Past Treasures — 5 Comments

  1. Poor me. No passed down jewelry.
    Yay me. I have made a bunch and already passed to my daughter.

    But I do have a great pair of sterling earrings that were given to me by my friends daughter when my friend passed away. Phyllis and I both LOVEd big earrings so it was such a heartwarming gesture. I cherrish the gesture actually more than the earrings themselves, I think.

    Have a greaaaat day!!

  2. I have some brooches, necklaces, etc that were left to me. i never thought of resetting the stones! Duh! Since I have never been creative with jewelry – the thought never entered my mind. Even tho I now know I could do that, I don’t trust my ability. Ha.

    I’ll just wear them as they are!

  3. I don’t have any passed down jewelry either. My mom always bought real cheap dollar store jewelry and a couple of weeks ago someone broke into my dad’s condo and took it. I was laughing because a pawn shop would take one look at this stuff and tell the people who took it all of it that the box was worth more than what was in it. It was the only thing the robbers took. I’m sure that the robbers took one look at the computer and tv that are from about 1987 and wondered what they were doing there.

    I do have her nice gold necklace and ankle bracelet. I’m glad that they didn’t get that, and my sister has her rings for when her kids get older.

  4. I don’t have anything passed down either 🙁 My mom’s holding out on a few pieces that she’s not ready to share with us little girls just yet (although we’re all over 25!)

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