Summer Series

Have I told you lately that you are wonderful?

Thanks so much for the sweet “welcome back” messages in yesterday’s comments! 😀

Remember that I mentioned I was going to mix a few “summer re-runs” in with new posts during July and August?

I’ll still be here every day writing new posts for Mondays and Thurdays, and also selecting some of my past favorites for the other weekdays. I’ll be responding to email as usual, and trying to answer your comments individually, when time permits!

I know you’ll be enjoying breaks for vacation, and your gardens, and cookouts, and days at the beach or pool! I hope you’ll keep checking back whenever you have time to see what I have waiting here for your perusal! 🙂

Today, I have one of my earlier posts on the ins and outs of consignment. Although I wrote it from the perspective of a person who makes jewelry – it would apply for any other craft! Even if you are not crafty, you might still like to sell household items at a consignment shop! The rules are the same.

Hey . . . didn’t I say that I wasn’t writing a post today? This is pretty verbose for a “non”-post!

Guess I’m wordy, even when I’m trying not to be! 😉

Click here to read: Is Consignment For You?




Summer Series — 4 Comments

  1. This was a good post. I tried consignment once, in two different places at different times, with different items.

    The first was craft type items. Painted decor and sewn dolls. It was a bad experience.

    Then a few years later, I had jewelry, mostly earrings, in a hair salon. That turned out OK. My best luck though, was in boutiques that actually bought my jewelry.

    I am really glad I don’t sell anymore. Its so much more pleasurable to gift. I also donate pieces to Animal Rescue for fund raisers. That is my most satisfying gifting.

    Hope you are not working too hard, Crissie. Enjoy the summer!!!!
    xx, Carol

  2. I have never tried consignment, I usually donate my stuff to a fundraiser either at my church or for a local dog rescue group. I donate books to a local book drive too.

    If my stuff cannot be donated it is because it is so old or worn out that no-one can use it. Heck even my cookware is near 100 yrs old and now people tell me that there are groups that actually collect and swap the stuff. Amazing.

  3. I’m not quite at the point where i’m ready to sell yet, but I hope to be there some day – I’m glad there is so much great advice available for when I am ready to take the plunge! I have a few things at home that we need to get rid of – consignment might be a good option for them!

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