Summertime Food

As I write this, I’m breathing a sigh of relief, because the weatherman was wrong when he said the temperature would reach the 90’s here, today. We had the low 80’s, which is ever so much more comfortable. 😉

But there’s no denying that summer is coming! So, as we approach the unofficial start of the season (Memorial Day Weekend), I thought it was time for another installment of Lucky Seven. 😀

For this week, I have . . .

7 Favorite Summertime Foods

1. Corn on the Cob
Sweet and Delish – especially when it’s very fresh!

2. Watermelon (Even better when it’s part of a big ole fruit salad that’s been placed in a scooped-out watermelon shell!)

3. A Hot Dog on the grill is about as traditional as you can get for summer food. Ok, they’re not good for you, but as Socrates once said: “Everything in moderation”. I’ll take mine with plenty of mustard and relish, please!

4. Grilled Veggies
A colorful medley of fresh vegetables with olive oil and herbs, wrapped in foil, and cooked on the grill? Oh la la!

5. Potato Salad
The best is homemade, of course. The ladies in our family liked to add hardboiled eggs and chopped sweet pickles – oh so good! Gosh, I almost drooled on the keyboard. 😉

6. Seafood
Here in New England, lobster and clams are a big part of summer dining. They’re easy to cook and fun to eat at the backyard picnic table, where nobody cares how messy you are!

7. Ice Cream
Whether it’s sundaes, scoops, cones, Klondike Bars, frozen yogurt, or Popsicles – I scream, you scream, we all scream . . . 😉

What are some of your favorite summer foods?




Summertime Food — 14 Comments

  1. Each vegetable as it ripens in the garden or in the woods. Nothing like stalking the Wild Asparagus – the first harbinger of summer. Then radishes – cherry belle being the most flavorful ;D Then peas, oh oh and dill leaf in salads, zucchini, green beans, cucs, then tumbling on into cauliflower, broccoli; soon root crops coming out beets and carrots; corn yum corn. That is pretty much the flow of ripening here in the far north mid west. And what is in our garden this year. On one hand am anxious for the time to come for each; on the other hand want the time to go slowly so we can savor the warm green days.

  2. Homegrown tomatoes! There’s just two things that money can’t buy, and that’s True Love and Homegrown Tomatoes!

    Also, barbecue. Barbecue is always good (and THANK YOU for not calling a grill a barbecue) but in summer there’s just something special about it. The smell, the taste, the fact that it gets the menfolk outside of the house and makes dinner happen without heating up the kitchen….;)

  3. I have to admit that in the summer I eat as much fruit and veggies I can when they are in season. I am looking forward to the middle of June when strawberries are at their height. I think I can con the boys into a little fun…err….work…..pickin….all you can eat…..

    xx, Carol

  4. I am looking forward to a juicy watermelon! Yum…

    Ice cream is always a favorite of mine – I could eat it every day!
    Strawberries – OMG my mouth is watering now.
    Fresh tomatoes from the garden.
    Salads with fresh veggies.
    Lemonade and raspberry ice tea.

    Yum – gotta run – I’m hungry now…

  5. Hot dogs, hamburgers, onions and potatoes on the grill, veggies on the grill, kebabs, roast pig, pulled pork, chicken, quail, ribs, barbecue sauce…

    all the things I’m not allowed to eat anymore 🙁

    I am so sick of salad!!! LOL Sometimes I wonder if dying of diabetes might actually be a better option – at least the living part would be satisfying!

  6. Hi Sweetie! I love apple pie and vanilla ice cream…in any season! I’m really hungry after reading your yummy post and all these comments!

  7. We go fishing for croppie and then fry them up.
    S’mores while camping
    I like salad with homegrown tomatoes
    Kansas City dirt dessert is a big favorite
    One of my favorite days is to ride our Harley to the winery with friends. Then we play dominos on the patio while eating bread, cheese, fresh grapes and other fruits.
    I can’t wait for the fresh peaches in July.

  8. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but those grilled veggies sound scrumptious (in the absence of chocolate, i’ve been known to occasionally eat somewhat sensibly…..hee hee)…..but of course, i noticed that there’s a nice variety of ice cream for dessert, so bring it on, girlfriend!!! xox, :))

  9. Ice cream (favorites are vanilla, strawberry and cookies & cream) and chilled fruit salad! ^^ I also love our local versions of shaved ice desserts and coconut pie. c:

  10. Mmmm, corn on the cob! definitely a favorite. We belong to a CSA so we get a ton of great veggies all summer long, and we do love to grill lots of them! Also make pesto with all the fresh basil. What else? Lobster at least once a summer. Yep, I’m a New Englander too!

  11. Home grown tomatoes & cucumbers, corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, blackberries (although we never have enough to make anything, hardly any make it into the bucket!), even zuchinni! I love all the summer fruits & veggies!

  12. All the items on your list sound yummy.
    Yes, they do remind one of summer.

  13. Oh man! Your summer foods are mine! I love ALL of them! Maybe some chocolate and yummy soups too??

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