Smiling Faces

When I was a little girl, I loved to watch my grandmother plant pansies. She loved flowers, and I loved her, so I guess that’s how my love of flowers began.

Nana said that if you looked closely enough at the pansies, you could see little “faces” – smiling faces! I can remember squinting at the blooms and then agreeing it was true.


For this week’s Friday Favorites, I have a colorful vintage illustration with a whole basket of pretty pansies, followed by an interesting quote.

“We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible”. ~Vince Lombardi


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thank you so much for another fun week. 🙂

See ya Monday!




Smiling Faces — 5 Comments

  1. I love pansies. I bet that’s why you see pansies in cartoons with faces. Ya think?

    Have a great weekend. and Smile. It increases your face value.

    xx, Carol

  2. It has been raining here for days and tomorrow it is supposed to be beautiful. I cannot wait to get out and see all the flowers. We are going to the park tomorrow for a picnic. I hope everyone has a great, sunny weekend.
    Another flower quote: Bloom where you are planted.

  3. Oh, I love pansies! I think they look like lil’ dragons or lil’ lions, too! Smiling ones!

    Vince Lombardi is right — how often do we stop ourselves from even attempting something by saying “it’s just not possible, it’s just not going to happen”…

  4. How true Crystal…the quote and the smiling faces on the pansies! I have a bunch in the yard that are doing so well…they really do look happy! I bet your gram was a wonderful lady! xo

  5. So true. The quote I mean. Scary how when we are faced with trouble we see only the small picture. Love those pansies though!

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