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winterspringHello, hello!

Welcome to my weekly giveaway!

Are you watching the Olympics? We’ve really been enjoying it! Of course, we love the figure skating, but we also watch as many of the other sports as we can, and find ourselves cheering enthusiastically for all of the countries! 🙂


For this week’s giveaway, I have a little “breath” of Spring. Can you picture this on one of your silver chains? Or maybe you’ll put it on a cord or a piece of satin ribbon!


A gorgeous artisan-crafted lampwork glass bead is the focal point here. It’s just bursting with pretty blossoms in a pastel palette of pinks, aqua, lavender, and more. I’ve accented the floral bead with Czech glass flowers and Swarovski crystals. The heart-shaped bail is sterling silver, and it’s generous enough that it should accommodate one of the chains that you have in your jewelry wardrobe. The pendant measures 1-1/2” in length – including the bail.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

Any day you leave a comment on this blog – it is counted as a chance to enter that week’s giveaway.

For example, if you answer today’s question (you’ll find it below!) that will give you one chance.

But if you then come back another day this week and comment on a different post – you will have earned another chance in this week’s giveaway! There are usually 4-5 posts per week – Monday through Friday – so you can have multiple chances to enter!

When you comment you do not have to mention that it’s an entry in the giveaway. My blog program shows me all of the “comments” as they come in – so I do not miss any of them, and all will count to be entered into the drawing! 😀

Today’s question is:

In your circle of family, friends, or co-workers, what are you famous for?


The Boring Stuff . . .
You must be 18 yrs. old. After the completion of the contest, the name of the winner will be listed here. The winner will also be notified by email. If the winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail

All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 02/28/10, and the winner will be selected on or about 02/29/10.



Giveaway – Spring Blossoms Pendant — 62 Comments

  1. Among friends and colleagues I’m probably known for being a chatterbox and always at the computer.

    Among close friends and family I’m a good cook and the person you go to if you need a favour or to get something done

  2. I’ll put it on a silver chain, please! So pretty. You really do beautiful work.

    Hmm, all over the world, thanks to the internet, I am famous for my honest, yet tactful, opinion. Sometimes appreciated, sometimes not. My motto is, if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask me.

    My boss calls me in his office a couple times a year and asks my opinion from an employee point of view. He always mentions that he knows if he asks me he will get an honest answer and not what I think he wants to hear.

    I am also known for my artistic skills in sewing, needlework and beading.

    I think I would have to include landscaping. One time a friend was looking for my house and stopped a neighbor to ask if they knew where I lived. Her reply was a couple blocks up the street. You can’t miss it. She has beautiful flowers along the front of the house and her hosta are beautiful.

    I am also known for my love of animals. The family is always talking about the squirrels that come up to the door and wait for their peanut butter sandwiches.

    I’m a pretty earthy person, huh.

    Thanks for the conversation with my cup of coffee this morning. Hope you have a great day.
    XX, Carol

  3. What a gorgeous pendant. Yes, yes, am going to try to win it.

    To many, I am known as “the Hat Lady” she who wears them and makes them. Probably many would not know me if I went hatless to town. 😀

  4. I’m famous for being a walking party — all contained within one human body — and I don’t charge any extra for my services!

    P.S. I found you through Carol and I agree with missy — that pendant is gorgeous. I added you to my reader…I’m coming back!

  5. I couldn’t resist answering. I love the weekly questions. ^_^ If I win, choose another winner, although I love this pendant!

    Anyway, I am known amongst my friends and family as the baker. Pretty much to any gathering, I bring some baked good or another. It’s my favorite hobby. ^_^

  6. O.M.G. You sure DO love flowers!!!!!!!!!! That is GORGEOUS! Wow!!!

    What am I famous for? Yeesh, I don’t know if I should be saying that publically 😉 I suppose for how AMAZINGLY INTELLIGENT I am! OK maybe not… my stunning beauty? Nooo… with my family it would be for the fact that I’m a total screw-up. With my friends that I tend to know the answer to almost any question, so they always come to me for advice (at least that’s a good thing!)

  7. Among my coworkers I am known for being constantly, unceasingly, aggressively cheerful and friendly- to the point that when a client (who I had never met before) tried to say he’d been treated rudely by me, our manager not only told him flat out he was lying, but threatened to sue him for slander.
    Among my friends, I am famous for knowing all sorts of arcane secrets, like how to boil eggs and make cream sauce and get stains out of clothing. Most of my friends are not exactly Susy Homemaker. So I have that, and a legendary sense of direction– as in, I once actually got lost in a closet.*
    It’s a lovely pendant- I always like it when you do pendant and neckalce giveaways!
    *It was a big closet. It was dark. DON’T JUDGE ME!

  8. Among my friends and family, I’m called negative first, due to my admittedly strong realistic and logical nature. Second, I’m known to be handy, efficient, and good at organizing and finding the simple solution to practical problems. I’m also the Queen of Candy.

  9. I’m so excited about winning the beautiful earrings last week. Please don’t enter me this week.

    I famous for doing things for and with my dogs. We go to almost all the dog events and my dogs love going in the car with me.

    I’m also famous for trying out everything from Harley riding to scuba diving. Live life large even if you are only 5 foot tall, like me.

  10. I’m famous for being able to bake the best batch of brownies you can imagine. There aren’t many secrets, just that I add A LOT butter and sugar (and the kind of chocolate I use, well, that is my secret).

  11. I just love the necklace so beautiful. I am famous for being the party person at work, not a party girl, but the organizer of all the events we have. They call me Martha….

  12. Hi! I am known as the one who can tell you who sang a certain song, or was in a movie…random facts.

    I totally love the beautiful necklace that you are giving away. You are very talented.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  13. First of all, the pendant is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Now, to answer today’s question… I think I am mostly know for being thoughtful when it comes to giving gifts. I always put a lot of time and effort into making nice things for others.

  14. In your circle of family, friends, or co-workers, what are you famous for?

    My odd sense of humor!

  15. What a lovely lampwork glass bead! It never ceases to amaze me how bead artists create them with all the intricacies.
    I am know among my family and friends as being very giving and
    sensitive. Many thanks, Cindi

  16. This is a tough question, cuz there are so many answers! I’m known for my crafty-ness, creativity, love of saturated color, love of junk food, love of stiletto heels, and love of glitter nail polish! And maybe because I’m always laughing!
    I’d love to win this pendant for my Mamaw. She’s my maternal grandmother, and we’re very close. She loves to make beaded jewelry and she’s crazy about lampwork beads, she’d absolutely go crazy over this beauty!

  17. In my circle of friends, I am known as the person that they can vent to. I don’t try to fix my friends problems, I just let them spill whatever is on their hearts and I listen to what they have to say!

  18. I’m not sure what my family would think I’m famous for…maybe for my banana pudding. When my hubby and I go to antique sales, I’m known in that circle as “the Christmas Lady.” I love any kind of vintage Christmas decorations; especially anything handblown or hand painted from the 30s-50s. I’m good at knowing what’s rare and how much things may fetch on Ebay. 🙂

  19. I have a few “famous” for’s…

    Family: I make THE best potato salad.

    Friends: My collection of Gucci would make Gucci proud!!

    Co-workers: I was once on the cover of Michigan Bell’s telephone directory.

  20. I’m known for being a good listener to friends’ troubles and woes. I’m patient and sympathetic, probably my two best qualities.

  21. Hi. I love this pendant, it’s so pretty. I would love to win this!

    I’m known unfortunately for being late, my pecan pies, sweet potato casserole. And my tender heart.


  22. I am known as the “Crafty one,” which is funny, because compared to what you guys make, I am not at all! 🙂

  23. I’m famous in my family bc of the accent I had when I was young! I was born in Israel but grew up in South America, so when I first moved to away I had a very thick Israeli accent. I lost it eventually but they still make fun of me for it!

  24. What an absolutely gorgeous job! I love the colours too! I think I am known for being a good cook. Thanks so much for the beautiful giveaway:)

  25. yessss, i’ve been enjoying the olympics. wish i could see it live (someday…). along with figure skating, curling is mesmerizing.

    in my circle, i’m known as the quiet one.

  26. that is such a pretty pendant! I love how whimisical it is. You have some pretty pieces. I haven’t watched much of the Olympics, except the figure skating. I am not much of a sports fan at all. What I am famous for is talking a LOT and asking too many questions. I am being paid back for that now… my kids NEVER EVER shut up! Seriously. They talk in their sleep!

  27. to my friends/co-worker i am famous for being a happy-go-lucky type likes talking and laughing about anything under the sun.

  28. Q: In your circle of family, friends, or co-workers, what are you famous for?

    A: I’m known as the little darling who loves to dress up but always tried my best to make up my mind. I always tried to be honest and tell them what I’m thinking 🙂 and that is why they oftenly seek me to have a little heart to heart speak, asking opinions etc because I never hesitate to tell them the truth, and I think that’s what they need and not sweet white lies^^

    thanks for the nice giveaway btw 🙂



  29. I’m known as the pack – rat.
    I have items from my grandmother,
    my mother and my own items!
    Of course, I’m the one with all the
    family pictures, etc…… My two
    brothers are not interested in
    that kind of stuff. I have two sons
    who are not interested in family
    items, either. I am going through
    the pictures and I’m going to make
    collages out of them.

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