In A Valentine’s Day Mood

There is so much inspiration on the internet that sometimes I am left absolutely speechless.

Currently, my “list of things I’d like to make” is taller than I am!

What’s a girl to do except make her best attempt at creating some of the loveliness that’s out there – as time permits.

When I first saw the item I’m about to show you today, I knew I had to try it.

This is more than a covered jar. It’s meant to hold a little tea light candle!

You can use any empty jar you have around your home, so while you’re making something pretty, it’s a great way to recycle, too.

I added a bow and lampwork glass heart beads to mine! 🙂

See, you can just slip a candle inside . . .

And then, when it’s lit – there’s such a beautiful glow through the lace-like design!

Often, these are shown in a group of several jars, in multiple heights and widths, which makes a very stunning display! I’ve read that tea lights are recommended over other candles because they’re not as hot when they burn. I am not positive about that, but I did use a tea light for mine, and the glass did not seem overly hot while I was taking my photo (above). It’s probably best to light it only if you will be staying nearby. (Perhaps during your Valentine’s Day dinner?)

Lately, I find myself raising an eyebrow at the relish and jelly jars in the fridge – wondering how soon they’ll be empty! 😉




Edited to add:

Originally, for this item, I used a pattern that I found on the internet.

Sadly, it’s no longer online!

If you want to make this – try doing a google search for “crocheted jar cover” and a few similar patterns will pop up.

Some are shown with a large candle instead of the tea-light that I used.
If you use a candle that comes close to the top of your jar – do NOT allow the sides of your crocheted cover to be tall enough that they are close to the burning flame!

Baby It’s Cowl-d Outside

Remember just before Christmas when all my elves had quit, and I needed a break from the holiday prep, so I started an easy project to reenergize?

Well, here’s the result – a crocheted cowl “scarflette”! It’s just the thing for the chilly winds of January. I hope you can visualize how pretty it will drape on a person by viewing it here on my necklace stand.

Just imagine that there are shoulders on the necklace stand – so the scarf would be stretched a little wider across the neckline. (I knew better than to ask Sir Beads to model it! The man is a prince but he DOES have his limits.) 😉

The pattern (found here) is EASY and quick as a wink to make. I would have shown it to you a while ago, but I needed to shop for the buttons. Although the photo shows them as a lighter shade of purple, in real life they match exactly.

Here it is with the coordinating bracelet.

Next, I’ll make one in a burgundy suede yarn. I still have those crocheted pillows in the queue. Hours! I need hours!



Ho Ho Ho

Today, I have one more scarf to show you!
Thank you Carol for sending me this pattern last winter. 🙂

At that time, I made one in a heavy-weight, raspberry-colored yarn, (See it here.) which I absolutely loved!


This time, though, I wanted to try it in a “sport weight” yarn, which makes a much more delicate scarf. It turned out really cute . . . shorter and narrower than my previous one, but because it’s so light, I think it would even be pretty to wear indoors.

Not sure how it shows on your screen, but this is a gorgeous shade of cherry red. It’s a Christmas gift for a family member, but my lips are sealed as to which one. 😉 (Ho, Ho, Ho!)



Smoke Ring in Crochet

You may remember I happened upon a great little yarn shop a while back. . .

See that skein in the center in back?

Presto-change-o! A new scarf. 🙂

I like a long scarf but I also enjoy wearing a scarf that will drape softly at the neckline without a lot of bulk. This yarn was perfect for a style that I would call more of a “smoke ring” than a cowl. These days, cowl scarves are often quite large and can double as hoods. I may try one of those soon but will need more than just one skein of yarn.


I wasn’t planning to match the smoke ring, but these earrings I made in the middle of my scarf project coordinate nicely.

I think they make a pretty set!


Details: I couldn’t find a lacey crochet pattern that matched the vision I had in mind for this design, so I decided to wing it. I made up a pleasing pattern; stopped at a length I liked; and then gave the ends the moebius twist before sewing them together. I do recommend bamboo yarn. I have used it before, but this particular brand was new to me and it was beautifully soft and a pleasure to work with!



Circles and Squares

Remember a couple of months ago when I showed you these?

I had whipped them up one evening as I was delaying waiting to make dinner. 😉 I called the post Playing Hooky and you can find it here.

Since then, they’ve acquired a few new friends….

I plan to make a pillow – I’ve even bought the pillow form – but I still need to make the reverse side.

At the same time, I’m working on a coordinating pillow that, believe it or not, will be round when it’s finished!

This summer has been a little on the warm side to have yarn on my lap, but there’s nothing like a cool autumn evening to squeeze in a little relaxation . . . and knit or crochet or do anything else you think is fun! 🙂